Hero Dog Names List

Hero Dog Names List

"Puppy Names HQ's page of Heroic Dogs."

This special page is a Roll of Honor that salutes some very special dogs.

The heroic war dogs and amazing assistance dogs, the brave police dogs and the wonderful search and rescue dogs of 9/11 and other disasters.

And perhaps most amazingly the ordinary family pets whose heroic actions have saved lives and helped people (and other animals) in distress.

Read their heart-warming stories and pay tribute to these incredible Canine Heroes by choosing one of these dog names for your new dog.

ACE (Border Collie mix)

After his owner was involved in a car accident, and despite his own injuries, Ace crawled up a steep embankment, drew the attention of passers-by and led them back to the crash site.

AI KA (Mixed breed)

The 14-year old Ai Ka intervened when a gun-wielding man attacked his owner. Ai Ka was shot twice in the incident but fortunately survived.

ANNA (Blond Heeler)

Anna's barking woke her owner when a fire broke out in the house. When the owner became disorienated by the smoke Anna nudged and guided her outside just minutes before the roof collapsed.

Hero Dog Names list continues with a guardian angel Pitbull...

ANGEL (Pitbull)

This stray came to the rescue of a woman and her two-year-old son when they were attacked by a man with a knife. The family later adopted the stray and named him Angel.

ANTIS (German Shepherd)

Antis was the first foreign (i.e. non British - the award originated in England) dog to receive the Dickin Medal for services during WWII.

ANYA (German Shepherd)

Newly qualified Police Dog Anya and her handler were confronted by a drug-crazed man wielding a knife. Despite suffering several serious wounds, Anya managed to subdue the man. She made a full recovery and was awarded several medals for bravery.

Hero Dog Names list continues with 9/11 hero Apollo...

APPOLLO (German Shepherd)

Appollo was the first dog to arrive at ground zero after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He was awarded the Dickin Medal for his work in locating several survivors.

ARCHIE (Bearded Collie)

Archie, a trained search and rescue dog, accompanied his owner to a retirement home where his owner was giving a talk. Immediately on arrival, Archie made his way towards a lady in a wheelchair at the back of the room. He put his head in her lap and stayed there even when she did not respond to him. After a while she started stroking him, and then she said "Good Dog", the first words she had spoken since suffering a stroke 9 years earlier.

BAMSE (Saint Bernhard)

Bamse, a heroic war dog, was involved in several rescues. He received the PDSA Gold medal, has a statue erected in his honor and was the subject of a book, Bamse The War Dog.

Hero Dog Names list continues with heroic police officer Bandit...

BANDIT (Belgian Malinois)

Bandit, a Canadian police dog, defended his handler from a knife attack. Sadly, Bandit received a fatal wound during the attack and died at the scene.

BARRY (Saint Bernhard)

Barry was the original St. Bernard rescue dog. He is credited with over 40 rescues and a statue of him stands at the entrance of the Cimetriere des Chiens pet cemetery in Paris.

BEAUTY (Wire Haired Terrier)

Beauty was a war dog who received the Dickin Award as well as a silver collar with the inscription, 'For Services Rendered' during WWII.

Hero Dog Names list continues with Bella the service dog...

BELLA (Golden Retriever)

Bella was a service dog whose owner suffers from Brittle Bone Disease. With Bella's help her owner was able to attend university despite the debilitating nature of the disease. She obtained her degree and later able to work for a disability organization.


After her diabetic owner collapsed from a seizure, Belle pushed the speed dial for 911 and barked until help arrived. She was the first dog to receive the 'VITA Wireless' Samaritan Award.

BERRY (Rottweiler)

Berry protected her pregnant owner from a charging moose, putting herself in the animal's path and barking until it backed off.

Hero Dog Names list continues with police dog Bes...

BES (German Shepherd)

Bes, a police dog, helped locate an 84-year old woman who had gone missing from a care home 27 hours earlier. The lady had wandered into dense undergrowth and would have died had Bes not found her.

BILBO (Chocolate Newfoundland)

Bilbo is the world's first fully qualified surf lifeguard dog and is credited with saving several lives.

BILLY (Black Labrador Retriever)

Billy received the PDSA Gold Medal for his work during the 2005 London Underground terrorist attacks, when he provided assistance at 21 different locations.

Hero Dog Names list continues with Aussie hero, Blue...

BLUE (Australian Blue Heeler)

Blue saved his elderly owner after an alligator entered his property. His owner had taken a fall as the alligator approached, but Blue stepped in, confronting the beast and barking until it moved off.

BOB (White Mongrel)

Bob was the first dog to receive the Dickin Medal during WWII, for alerting soldiers to the presence of enemy close by.

BORIS (Boxer)

While out on a walk, Boris led his owner to a woman who was unconcious and blue with cold. Despite suffering from hypothermia the woman survived her ordeal. She later invited Boris to attend her wedding as guest of honor.

Hero Dog Names list continues with Boz the howler...

BOZ (Labrador Retriever)

After his 74-year old owner became lost on a mountain hike Boz stayed at his side for two days, his incessant howling guiding rescuers to find them.

BRIAN (German Shepherd)

Brian was a fully qualified paratroper, completing the required number of jumps and taking part in the Normandy landings. He was awarded the Dickin Medal in 1947.


Briar, a fully trained search and rescue dog, was on a walk with her owner when she suddenly ran off in the opposite direction. Minutes later she returned and indicated to her owner that she had found someone. She led her owner back to a man who had taken a bad fall and was covered in blood. Her owner was able to apply first aid at the scene and call for an ambulance.

Hero Dog Names list continues with snake wrangler Brutis...

BRUTIS (Yellow Labrador Retriever)

Brutis received the National Hero Dog award for saving a 7-year-old child from a coral snake. He suffered a near-fatal bite in the process but made a full recovery.

BUFFY (German Shepherd)

Buffy defended his owner when he was held up at gunpoint, sustaining a gunshot to her leg. Vet's managed to save the leg but sadly the brave dog succumbed to complications caused by her injuries.


Bullet's owner was in the kitchen when the dog ran in barking incessantly and running back into the hall. He led his owner upstairs where she discovered that her baby was having difficulty breathing and had turned blue. The baby was rushed to hospital and made a full recovery thanks to the actions of this amazing dog.

Hero Dog Names list continues with Bunny the Bulldog...

BUNNY (Bulldog)

Will Sherman had just left the vet's office with his bulldog Bunny when he suffered a grand mal seizure. The dog run back into the vet's office barking frantically until staff followed her to where her owner lay unconcious.

BUSTER (Springer Spaniel)

Buster is a Royal Army Veterinary Corps arms and explosives search dog who served in Iraq, and was awarded the Dicken Medal.

CALAMITY JANE (Golden Retriever)

Calamity Jane had lost a leg due to a bullet wound but when armed robbers held her neighbors at gunpoint this brave dog jumped to the rescue, barking and scaring them off.

Hero Dog Names list continues with Carmen the rescuer...

CARMEN (Black Curly Retriever)

Carmen's elderly owner accidently left the gas on and then fell asleep while the room filled with noxious fumes.The dog revived her owner by pulling at her sleeve and then led her from the house as neighbor's arrived to call 911.

CHARCO (Black Labrador Retriever)

Charco is a search and rescue dog who has saved people after earthquakes in both Pakistan and Algeria.

CHIPS (German Shepherd)

Chips was a famous and highly decorated military dog whose exploits included charging an enemy pillbox and running communication lines while under enemy fire. The movie, Chips the War Dog, documents the life of this incredible canine.

Hero Dog Names list continues with the amazing Chusla...

CHUSLA (Bedlington/Whippet cross)

Chusla's owner is a type one diabetic and the dog is able to detect an oncoming hypoglycaemic attack. On several occasions she has warned her owner, helping her prevent an attack which can lead to coma and death.

CRACKER (Yellow Labrador Retriever)

Cracker is a member of Northern Ireland's Search and Recue Dog team and a brother to Dylan. He is a PDSA Gold Medal recipient who was part of the 1999 Turkish earthquake search team.

CURLEY (Irish Terrier)

When Curley's 10-year-old owner suffered an acute asthma attack in the middle of the night, his barking woke her parents and saved the little girl's life.

Hero Dog Names list continues with search and rescue expert, Dakota...

DAKOTA (Pitbull)

Dakota is a search and rescue dog who has worked over 100 search missions including the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster.

DANTE (Husky/Australian Shepherd mix)

Dante is credited with preventing a potential massacre. James Paul Stanson had driven to the Beaches ditrict of Toronto intending to go on a shooting spree. He had stopped at a park to load his weapons when the friendly dog bounded up to him. The meeting with Dante had such an impact that Stanson gave himself up to police.


Delta's story proves just how long dogs have been our loyal companions. Archeologists evacuating the ruins of Pompeii discovered her body curled up next to that of her owner, a 7-year-old boy. Her collar identified her as Delta and markings on the collar indicated that she had saved her owner on three previous occasions.

Hero Dog Names list continues with Japanese hero Dor...

DOR (Black Labrador Retriever)

While out on a walk with his owner on a freezing Tokyo night, Dor started barking and refused to go any further. He led his owner to a shallow pool where an elderly man had fallen over and lay face up in the water. The owner was able to hail a car and get the man to hospital. Without Dor's intervention he would surely have frozen to death.

DORADO (Labrador Retriever)

Dorado, a guide dog, was on the 71st floor of the World Trade Center on 9/11 when the planes hit. Despite the chaos that ensued he was able to guide his owner down 71 flights of stairs to safety.

DOTTIE (Border Collie)

Dottie is a search and rescue dog who saved a man lost in the woods for two days. The man who was missing from a nearby care home was on medication and when Dottie found him he was blue with cold and barely breathing. The little collie immediately curled up next to the man, warming him with her body heat until help arrived.

Hero Dog Names list continues with rescuer, Dusty...

DUSTY (Airedale Terrier)

Dusty, an Airedale Terrier, found a woman after she drove her car off a cliff in Oregon, and led rescuers back to the site.

DYLAN (Yellow Labrador Retriever)

Dylan is a search and rescue dog with the Northern Ireland Seach and Resuce Dog Team and a brother to Cracker. In 1999, Dylan saved the lives of four students lost in the mountains in exceptionally poor weather conditions. Dylan found the group stranded on a ledge 250 feet above the ground and led rescue teams to the site.

ECHO (Shepherd/Collie mix)

Echo and his owner were on a canoeing trip in Canada when the weather turned bad. Their canoe capsized and although a dog's instinct would be to swim for shore, Echo stayed with his owner using his body temperature to keep her warm until they were rescued.

Hero Dog Names list continues with the incredible Endal...

ENDAL (Yellow Labrador Retriever)

Endal was a famous service dog who has been described as "the most decorated dog in the world". He was the assistance dog of disabled Gulf War veteran Allen Parten and could respond to hundreds of commands, verbal and signed. Among Endal's awards was the PDSA Gold Medal for Gallantry and Devotion to Duty, the highest animal award.

EVE (Rottweiler)

When Eve's owner was involved in a serious road accident, rolling her pickup, the Rottweiler pulled her from the wreck and dragged her to safety moments before the truck exploded.

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