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"Puppy Names HQ's List of Hero Dogs Part II."

This special page is Part II of our Roll of Honor saluting some very special dogs.

The heroic war dogs and amazing assistance dogs, the brave police dogs and the wonderful search and rescue dogs of 9/11 and other disasters.

And perhaps most amazingly the ordinary family pets whose heroic actions have saved lives and helped people (and other animals) in distress.

Read their heart-warming stories and pay tribute to these incredible Canine Heroes by choosing one of these dog names for your new dog.

FAITH (Rottweiler)

Faith is an assistance dog whose owner suffers grand mal siezures. When her owner fell out of her wheelchair, the dog acted quickly, pushing 911 on the speed dial and barking down the phone until help arrived.

FINN (Terrier)

Finn is an amazing dog who lives in the Scilly Isles, north of Scotland. He is said to have saved the crew of a a sinking ship by alerting authorities through barking Morse code.

FLO (Black Labrador Retriever)

Flo (together with Lucky) is credited with sniffing out $6 million worth of pirated DVD's while on secondment to the Malaysian government.

FOXY (Pitbull cross)

Foxy was walking with her elderly owner on a freezing night when her owner slipped and fell, breaking her hip. Realising her owner was unable to get up, Foxy used her body heat to keep her warm while barking to attract attention. Alerted by the noise neigbors arrived to call an ambulance. Foxy received the ProHeart Animal Hero Award.

Hero Dog Names list continues with senior citizen Frisky...

FRISKY (Schnauzer/Poodle mix)

Eighty year old George Mitchell and his 19-year-old dog Frisky were trapped in their house during Hurricane Katrina. With flood waters rising they clung to a mattress. Exhausted, George almost let go of the mattress several times. Each time Frisky crawled over and licked his face. "His persistance gave me the strength to hold on", George said after they were rescued.

FRODO (Yellow Labrador Retriever)

Frodo is a service dog whose owner suffers from Brittle Bone Disease. He empties the washing machine, turns on lights, opens doors, picks up the mail and even helps her undress. He's also a natural comedian, helping keep her spirits up while living with this dibilitating disease.

GANDER (Newfoundland)

Gander was a war dog who was awarded the Dickin Medal for 'for saving lives of Canadian infantrymen during the battle of Lye Mun on Hong Kong Island in December 1941'.

Hero Dog Names list continues with the tragic tale of brave George...

GEORGE (Jack Russell Terrier)

George, a 9-year-old Jack Russell Terrier protected five young children from an attack by two aggressive pitbulls. Sadly, the brave little terrier lost his life defending the children. George was awarded the PDSA Gold medal and a statue was erected in his honor.

GHILLIE (Springer Spaniel)

Ghillie was walking with her owner in a remote part of Scotland when her owner suffered an epileptic fit. The little Spaniel rushed off to find help, getting some workmen to follow her, and leading them back to help her owner.

GINNY (Terrier)

Ginny was an amazing dog with a knack for saving cats. On multiple occasions she endangered herself to save cats in peril. Once, she threw herself against a vertical pipe on a construction site to free the stranded cats inside. Another time, she suffered severe cuts to her paws trying to find an injured cat inside a box of broken glass.

Hero Dog Names list continues with canine crime-fighter Gracie...


When Gracie's owner confronted a burgular in her house he drew a knife and inflicted serious injuries to her face and stomach. It could have been much worse had the 2-year-old Gracie not attacked the intruder and forced him to flee.

HERO (Golden Retriever)

Hero's owner is paralysed from the waist down. While out exercising the dog his wheelchair became stuck in the middle of a muddy field. Unable to move, far from help and with night falling, Hero's owner threw the dog a rope and Hero dutifully pulled the wheelchair free of the mud.

HONEY (English Cocker Spaniel)

Honey was named "2006 Dog of the Year" for saving her owner after a car accident. After managing to free herself from the wreck, Honey walked 1/2 a mile and managed to get the attention of a man who followed her back to the crash site.

Hero Dog Names list continues with mountain guide, Horton...

HORTON (Labrador Retriever)

Although Horton is not a "professional" search and rescue dog, he knows Quandry Peak, Colorado so well that rescue teams often call on him for assistance when someone is lost. He is credited with saving a least three people on the mountain.

HSIAO HEI (Mixed breed)

The staff at a factory in Taiwan took to feeding a stray who they named Hsiao Hei. The dog soon repaid their kindness by apprehending a burglar and holding him at bay until police arrived.

IRMA (German Shepherd)

Irma was a war dog who received the Dickin Medal for rescuing trapped people from under the blitzed buildings of London during WWII.

Hero Dog Names list continues with the three Jakes...

JAKE (Black Labrador Retriever)

Jake became a national hero after burrowing through "white-hot, smoking debris" in search of survivors at the World Trade Center. He was also involved in the search and rescue effort following Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

JAKE (Labrador Retriever)

When Jake's 12-year-old owner got into trouble swimming in the Platte River in Nebraska, the Lab dived into the raging river and pulled the boy to safety.

JAKE (German Shepherd)

Abandoned as a puppy, Jake was adopted by Northumbia police and went on to qualify as a police dog. He later distinguished himself by finding a woman who had collapsed in deep shubbery. Without Jake she would probably not have been found.

Hero Dog Names list continues with surrogate mum Jasmine...

JASMINE (Greyhound)

Surrogate mom extrordinaire, greyhound Jasmine, has adopted over 50 orphaned and abandoned animals including foxes, badgers, chicks, guinea pigs, rabbits and a fawn.

JET (German Shepherd)

A Civil Defence dog during WWII, Jet was awarded the Dickin Medal for rescuing people trapped under blitzed buildings in London.

JILU (Akita Inu)

Jilu saved a 6-year-old girl from certain death by pushing her out of the way of a speeding car. The car struck Jilu instead, leaving his back legs paralysed. His owners are committed to doing everything possible to care for this brave dog.

Hero Dog Names list continues with the story of Jock of the Bushveld...

JOCK (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

Jock was a heroic Staffordshire Bull Terrier whose adventures were documented in the book, Jock of the Bushveld, written by his owner Percy Fitzpatrick, and later a movie based on the book. There is a statue of him in Barberton, South Africa.

JUDY (English Pointer)

Judy was a ship's dog who saved the lives of countless sailors by warning of the approach of enemy aircraft. Judy was the only animal ever to be officially registered as a prisoner of war.

JUNIOR (Shih Tzu mix)

When a fire broke out in the middle of the night, Junior a 14-month-old Shih Tzu mix, raised the alarm and kept on barking until the whole family had safely escaped the blaze.

Hero Dog Names list continues with crime-fighting Kaiser...

KAISER (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

Kaiser was walking with his dog sitter when a man approached them demanding money. When the dog sitter said he didn't have any the man drew a knife and attacked him. Kaiser jumped to his rescue, driving off the attacker but sustaining a knife wound in the process. The extent of his injury was not noticed until the next morning by which time he'd lost a lot of blood. He was rushed into surgery and fortunately made a full recovery.


Pirates who attempted to hijack Peter Lee's 41 foot yacht hadn't reckoned with Kankuntu. The dog threw himself at the invaders forcing them to abandon their attempt. He sustained knife and gunshot wounds in the process but happily made a full recovery.

KATRINA (Black Labrador Retriever)

Katrina received the Genesis Award for bravery after saving a man from drowning during Hurricane Katrina.

Hero Dog Names list continues with search and rescue hero, Kaze...


On his first ever mission, search and rescue dog Kaze saved the life of a woman reported missing a few days earlier. Kaze found the woman under a bridge, in a coma that authorities reported would have killed her within the hour had she not been found.

KENO (Labrador Retriever)

Keno, a member of the Fernie Alphine Recue team, found a skier trapped by an avalanche in just 2 minutes, allowing the rescue team to dig him out.

KINGPIN (Yorkshire Terrier)

Kingpin was a heroic 4 pound Yorkshire Terrier who served with the RAF in WWII.

Hero Dog Names list continues with surrogate mum La China...

LA CHINA (Mixed Breed)

La China became a national celebrity in Argentina after she rescued an abandoned baby and nutured it along with her litter of puppies.

LANEY (Black Labrador Retriever)

Laney saved the lives of two children by raising the alarm when a fire started. She continually nipped at the sleeping boy's feet to wake them, then led them out of the smoke-filled house.

LEO (Terrier cross)

Leo saved the lives of four kittens, refusing to abandon them when a fire started. Firefighters eventually arrived on the scene and rescued the brave dog and his four feline charges.

Hero Dog Names list continues with Lex the war dog...

LEX (German Shepherd)

Lex is a war dog who was awarded the Purple Heart after being wounded on active duty in Iraq. He was the first active military dog to be adopted by his handler.

LUCKY (Black Labrador Retriever)

Lucky (together with Flo) is credited with sniffing out $6 million worth of pirated DVD's while on secondment to the Malaysian government.

LYE (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

Lye is an assistance dog. When his deaf owner fell in an alleyway and couldn't get up Lye ran into the street, grabbed a stranger (who happened to be a nurse) by his trouser leg, and dragged him back to help his owner.

Hero Dog Names list continues with Maddie the rescuer...

MADDIE (Golden Retriever)

When Maddie's owner suffered a seizure while outside on a freezing cold night, the Golden Retriever managed to drag her back into the house thus preventing her certain death from hypothermia.

MANN (Pitbull)

When three masked men tried to enter the Chauncey family residence, their pitbull terrier Mann came to the rescue, fighting the intruders off but sustaining a shotgun wound in the process. The brave pitbull survived, but unfortunately had to have one of his front legs amputated.

MAUI (Bouvier des Flandres)

While out for a walk Maui's owner slipped on the dock and fell into the water, striking his head on the board walk. In a weakened condition he was unable to pull himself out of the water, but Maui quickly took action, running to a nearby bar and barking until a patron came to help.

Hero Dog Names list continues with this crime-solving Pitbull...

MAYA (Pitbull)

Maya's owner was attacked as she arrived home. But her attacker didn't reckon with Maya. The pitbull launched herself at the man, driving him off. When police arrived they noticed blood on the dog's face and were able to get the attacker's DNA from the sample, leading to his arrest and conviction.

MAX (German Shepherd)

Once police dog Max picked up the trail of two wanted criminals he did not let up running them to ground, even diving into a swollen river to continue his pursuit. He eventually forced them into a tree and held them there until backup arrived. Despite their capture, the felons were so impressed that all they could do was sing the praises of this tenacious police dog.

MAX (Red Collie cross)

Max's owner became concerned about his strange behaviour which included sniffing her breath and nudging her right breast. She became convinced that the dog was trying to tell her something and decided to go for a mammogram which revealed the onset of breast cancer. After surgery to remove the tumour Max's behavior returned to normal.

Hero Dog Names list continues with the amazing Meg...

MEG (Border Collie mix)

Shortly after the Ryan's adopted two-year-old Meg, they noticed that the dog began to act strangely just before Mark Ryan, an epileptic, had a seizure. Since then Meg has predicted several major seizures, allowing Mark to get to a safe place before the seizure strikes.


Milo had been severely mistreated by his first owners but that didn't stop this heroic dog from diving into the ocean to rescue another dog in trouble. Milo was honored as the most heroic dog in the PetZfactor 2008 competition.

MONTY (German Shepherd)

During an armed siege in London, police dog Monty overpowered a knife wielding man. Monty was stabbed several times during the attack but made a full recovery. He was awarded the PDSA Gold Medal for Animal Gallantry and Devotion to Duty.

Hero Dog Names list continues with the heroic Moti...

MOTI (German Shepherd)

Moti sustained gunshot wounds while tackling an armed intruder who threatened his family. He made a full recovery and was voted "2007 Dog of the Year".

NAPOLEON (English Bulldog)

Napoleon's owner didn't know what had gotten into the 2-year-old English Bulldog when he suddenly dashed across the road and dove into the lake. The dog returned carrying a burlap bag containing six kittens that he'd just saved from drowning.

NELLIE (Black Labrador Retriever)

Nellie, a 4 year old assistance dog, used her sharp hearing to detect an intruder in time to save her deaf owner. She was honored as the Heroic Hearing Dog of the Year.

Hero Dog Names list continues with war hero dog, Nemo...


Nemo was a war dog who served in Vietnam. While on patrol with his handler they came under fire and despite sustaining a bullet wound to the head Nemo kept going at the enemy until support arrived. He underwent emergency surgery and made a recovery although blinded in one eye. He was the first sentry dog to return to the US with honors after active duty.

NEO (Siberian Husky)

When Neo's diabetic owner went into hypoglycemic shock, he ran to the nearest building and kept barking until someone followed him back to where his owner had fallen.


Nyla's heroic actions saved her owner from certain death when a fire broke out. Nyla courageously guided her through smoke and flame, barking whenever she lagged, eventually leading her out of the burning house.

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