Heroic Dogs

Heroic Dogs

"Puppy Names HQ's List of Heroic Dogs Part III."

This special page is Part III of our Roll of Honor saluting some very special dogs.

The heroic war dogs and amazing assistance dogs, the brave police dogs and the wonderful search and rescue dogs of 9/11 and other disasters.

And perhaps most amazingly the ordinary family pets whose heroic actions have saved lives and helped people (and other animals) in distress.

Read their heart-warming stories and pay tribute to these incredible Canine Heroes by choosing one of these dog names for your new dog.

ORCA (Yellow Labrador Retriever)

Orca, an assistance dog, saved his owner's life after her wheelchair capsized and she slid down an embankment into a pond. The dog ran to get help and attracted the attention of a jogger who summoned the emergency services.


Oscar was out for a walk with his elderly owner when his owner suddenly collapsed from heat stroke. The little Pug began barking and made such a noise that people soon arrived to see what the fuss was about. Oscar's owner was taken to hospital and soon recovered.

PATTY (Yellow Labrador Retriever)

Patty saved her owner's life after their boat capsized, allowing him to grab her tail and then guiding him back to the shore.

Heroic Dog Names list continues with Peggy Sue, the heroic Yorkie...

PEGGY SUE (Yorkshire Terrier)

This little hero raised the alarm when her owner Dorothy Geddings suffered a siezure and stopped breathing. Dorothy's husband Gary called 911 but in a sad twist the Geddings other dog, thinking that Peggy Sue was attacking Dorothy, attacked Peggy Sue. Both Dorothy and Peggie Sue were rushed to hospital where both recovered although Peggy Sue was left blinded by the attack on her.

PETER (Collie)

Peter was awarded the Dickin Medal for locating victims trapped under blitzed buildings while serving with the London Civil Defence Unit in WWII.

RC (German Shepherd / Husky mix)

When Angela Harps woke to find her two-year-old son missing on a freezing winter's morning a frantic search was launched. The toddler was found fast asleep, curled up with a neighbor's friendly Shepherd / Husky mix, RC.

Heroic Dog Names list continues with the sad tale of brave Rebel...

REBEL (Mixed breed)

When a fire broke out Rebel woke his family by barking and tugging at their clothing. Having gotten the family to safety the dog - for some reason - dashed back into the flames (his owner believes that he was trying to save the family's pet parrot). Unfortunately, the heroic Rebel died in the blaze.


Rex was a rescue dog of the Civil Defence during WWII. He was awarded the Dickin Medal for his work in rescuing people from burning buildings.

RIP (Mixed breed)

Rip is credited with saving over 100 people during the London Blitz in WWII. He received the Dickin Award for bravery.

Heroic Dog Names list continues with 9/11 hero Riva...

RIVA (Yellow Labrador Retriever)

Riva guided his blind owner down from the 78th floor to safety during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He received the Dickin Medal for Bravery.


Rocky, a police dog, made headlines in 2002 for capturing a burglar despite taking a bullet in his paw. Happily, Rocky made a full recovery from his injury.

ROCK'O (Portuguese Water Dog)

Rock'o is a unique assistance dog, trained to detect even the tiniest amount of peanut residue in anything his owner eats. Eight-year-old Riley Myers is highly allergic and even coming into contact with peanut residue can send her into anaphylactic shock.

Heroic Dog Names list continues with Rolla the wrangler...


During a heavy fog Rolla saved his owner's life by running out in front of his horse and carriage forcing him to stop right at the edge of a steep drop.

ROSELLE (Yellow Labrador Retriever)

Roselle was another guide dog who managed to guide her owner to safety from the striken Twin Towers during 9/11. She guided him down 78 flights then away from the chaos as the towers collapsed.

ROZ (Labrador / Golden Retriever mix)

Roz is an amazing guide dog who, despite suffering horrendous injuries after being attacked by a large dog, still managed to guide her owner home. Once there her owner was able to call for help for his courageous dog. After surgery Roz recovered and resumed her duties. She was voted Guide Dog of the Year in 2007.

Heroic Dog Names list continues with Rex the game ranger...

REX (Pointer cross)

Rex was on a walk with his owner when they came across a Kangaroo that had been killed by a car. The dog approached the Kangaroo and came back gently carrying a Joey (baby kangaroo) in his mouth. His owner took the little creature to a sanctuary where it could be cared for before being returned to the wild.

SADIE (Black Labrador Retriever)

Sadie saved the lives of dozens of soldiers in Afghanistan by detecting a bomb. She was awarded the Dickin Medal, the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross.

SALTY (Yellow Labrador Retriever)

Another heroic 9/11 guide dog. Salty guided his owner down from the 71st floor to safety during the terrorist attacks. He was awarded the Dickin Medal.

Heroic Dog Names list continues with crowd control expert Sam...

SAM (German Shepherd)

Sam is a heroic military dog who saw service in the Balkans. On one occasion he disarmed a gunman and on another kept a 50 strong mob -armed with clubs and crowbars - at bay. He received the Dickin Medal for bravery.


When Andrea Vance went to look for her dog Sassy she was surprised to find her swimmimg in circles around a doll-like object in the pond and crying. To Andrea's horror, the 'doll' turned out to be a baby that had somehow fallen into the pond. Andrea raised the alarm and the baby was rescued.

SERGEANT STUBBY (Boston Terrier / Pitbull mix)

Sergeant Stubby was a war dog during WWI. He is the most awarded dog in American history and is the only dog to be promoted to sergeant through combat.

Heroic Dog Names list continues with war hero, Sgt. Bodo...

SGT. BODO (German Shepherd)

Sgt. Bodo is a military dog who, while serving in Iraq, saved his handler's life during an ambush.

SHADOW (Rottweiler mix)

The Keays family were on a camping trip when their Rottweiler suddenly charged off in the direction of their three young children sitting on a sleigh some distance away. To their horror they noticed the reason for the dog's excitement. Two wolves were fast closing in on the children. Shadow plowed into the wolves driving them off. His actions undoubtedly saved the children from serious injury.

SHANA (German Shepherd / Wolf mix)

Shana, a half wolf / half German Shepherd saved an elderly couple during a severe snow storm by digging a tunnel and guiding them back through it to the safety of their home.

Heroic Dog Names list continues with WWII hero, Sheila...

SHEILA (Collie)

Sheila, a WWII search and rescue dog, was award the Dicken Medal for assisting in the rescue of four American airmen lost in a blizzard after an air crash in December, 1944.

SHELBY (German Shepherd)

Shelby alerted her human family by barking and whinning when there was a gas leak in the early hours of the morning. Everyone in the house made it out safely.

SMOKY (Yorkshire Terrier)

Smoky was found wandering in the jungle and was adopted by a member of 26th Photo Recon Squadron. She quickly became a valuable member of the squad, on one occasion pulling telephone wires through a 70 ft pipe, just 8 inches in diameter. She also helped maintain morale among the troops, performing tricks to cheer them up. After the War, Smoky returned to the States where she became an entertainer on stage and TV.

Heroic Dog Names list continues with Stub, the rescuer...


Stub was walking with his owner when they came across a search and rescue effort looking for two teenagers lost in an avalanche. His owner volunteered Stub's help and within minutes he'd found a pair of gloves. The rescuers dug at the spot and found the teenagers huddled under the snow.


When a man became trapped in mud 500 feet from the bank of Eagle Mountain Lake in Texas, Suzie, a firefighter's dog, carried out supplies of hot packs and blankets to prevent hypothermia until the man could be pulled to safety.

SWANSEA JACK (Black Labrador Retriever)

The amazing Swansea Jack became a national hero for his heroic exploits in saving people from drowning. Jack is credited with 27 rescues and received countless awards and honors. Sadly, this courageous dog died aged just seven, after accidentally eating rat poison. A statue honoring his exploits stands near his favorite swimming spot on the Promonade in Swansea.

Heroic Dog Names list continues with Taz the hero...

TAZ (German Shepherd / Golden Retriever mix)

After his owner suffered a fall while hiking in the mountains, Taz ran five miles back to their pick-up truck, then led rescuers back to find her.


Tess was just a one-year-old pup when she protected her owner from a deadly Eastern Brown snake. Tess herself was bitten by the snake and had to be rushed to a vet, who managed to flush the venom from her system.

THUNDER (Yellow Labrador Retriever)

Thunder was one of the incredible Search and Rescue Dogs searching for survivors in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Heroic Dog Names list continues with the amazing Tia...

TIA (Terrier)

Sonja and Roy Rampley were dog sitting Tia, when the little dog woke Sonja in the middle of the night by frantically scratching at her hand. Sonja woke to find her husband on the floor, he had suffered a stroke. If not for Tia he would only have been found in the morning by which time it may have been too late.


Tich was a war dog who was awarded the Dickin Medal for his "loyalty, courage and devotion to duty under hazardous conditions" while serving in North Africa and Italy.

TOBY (Yellow Labrador Retriever)

Toby saved his owner from choking by jumping on her chest to dislodge a piece of apple from her throat. For his efforts, Toby received the ASPCA "Dog of the Year" award in 2007.

Heroic Dog Names list continues with Guide Dog ot the Year, Tom...

TOM (Labrador Retriever cross)

Tom is a guide dog who was taking his owner to a business meeting when terrorists struck London on 7/7/2005. Through all the chaos that broke out the heroic dog stayed calm and continued to guide his owner around obstacles and roadblocks, even delivering him to his meeting on time. Tom was named Heroic Guide Dog of the Year 2006.

TRACER (German Shepherd)

Tracer, a police dog, helped to subdue a dangerous gunman totting a semi-automatic weapon. Tracer grabbed the man by the arm allowing officers to surround the man. The man then pointed his weapon at the offcers and was fatally shot.

TRAKR (German Shepherd)

Another of the heroic Search and Rescue Dogs of 9/11. Trakr found the last survior of the attacks. He was honored with the "Extraordinary Service to Humanity" Award.

Heroic Dog Names list continues with Tyza the rescuer...


Tyza saved her owners by waking them up when a fire started. The family were able to escape the smoke filled house.

VELVET (Black Lab / Shepherd mix)

Velvet, a Search and Rescue Dog, participated in the rescue of three climbers who were stranded on Mount Hood, Oregon in 2007.

VINNIE (Black Labrador Retriever)

Vinnie is a Search and Rescue Dog who was involved in operations in the aftermath of the London Underground terrorist attacks. He was honored with the PDSA Gold Medal.

Heroic Dog Names list continues with the amazingly clever XoingXoing...


XoingXoing's owner was repairing a refrigerator when he suffered an electrical shock. With his hand clamped to the socket he shouted for help. Hearing his cries the quick thinking XoingXoing climbed onto a high surface then jumped down on his owner's arm breaking his grip on the live cable.

YARON (Black Lab / Retriever Mix)

Yaron, a guide dog, was on holiday with his owner Jon when Jon's niece fell off her bodyboard and started drifting out to sea. The dog quickly swam out to the girl, allowed her to grab his collar, and swam with her back to the beach.

ZANJEER (Golden Retriever)

A member of the Bomb Detection Squad of Mumbai, Zanjeer has helped uncover numerous bombs and weapons including the detection of 3,329 kg of RDX.

Heroic Dog Names list continues with Chihuahua hero, Zoey...

ZOEY (Chihuahua)

Zoey made headlines in 2007 for rescuing a one-year-old child from a rattlesnake. Zoey sustained a snakebite for her troubles but made a full recovery.

ZOLTAN (German Shepherd)

Zoltan is a police dog who was awarded the PDSA Gold Medal for bravery after taking down a knife wielding man. Zoltan suffered a serious chest wound in the incident but recovered fully after surgery.

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