Creative Dog Names

Creative Dog Names

"Get inspired with these names."

Trying to find that unique name for your male dog? But you stuck for ideas?

Relax! We've got your back. Just scroll down for some of the most interesting, creative, unusual, exotic, and dare we say, unique dog names on the web.

How do these sound?:

BEANO: Great name for a Boston Terrier

DUPLEX: For the dog two storeys high

HOTDOG: Hold the onions

KOJAK: Good name for a Chinese Crested

As you continue, remember it's not so much the name, but the dog that's unique. So be sure to pick a name that fits your dog uniquely.

ABFAB For your absolutely fabulous dog
ADAM ANT Good little dog name
BAMBO A cross between Bambi and Rambo
BARKHIMER For the dog who loves to bark
BARKIN and bark
BARKLEY and bark
BARKOV and bark some more
BEANO Great name for a Boston Terrier
BIG BROTHER Someone to watch over you
BIG EARS A good name for a Basset Hound
BIG MAC For the super-sized dog
BLACKSMITH This one works well for a black dog
BLANCHETT and this one for a white dog
BOB BARKER he's still barking
BONEY M All I want for Christmas is a milk-bone
BONSAI One for a little guy or gal
BOY GEORGE Canine chameleon
BRAD PITT Great name for your Pitbull Terrier
BROWNIE A sweet brown dog
CHARLIE BROWN Another great brown dog name

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Dog Names

CHEW-MEE Loves to chew
CHI CHI RODRIGUEZ Cute name for a Chihuahua
COCO POP A little brown dog
COWBOY Works for an Australian Cattle Dog
COWGIRL and his sheila
CROWBAR Tough dog name
DAISY DUKE A southern belle
DAWG For the dog who can't spell
DE LA RENTA A very stylish pooch
DE NIRO Are you barking at me?
DE VITO This little guy's famous
DIGBY I love to dig
DIGGER me too
DIXIE CHICK Girl dog from down south
DOGBERT Dilbert's boss
DONNIE DARKO Great black dog name
DUG Done diggin'
DUKE ELLINGTON Why settle for plain old Duke?
DUMPTRUCK When he gets movin' get out of the way!
DUPLEX For the dog two storeys high

More Creative Dog names...

ELMER FUDD He loves chasing rabbits
ELVIS Nothing but a hound dog
ESPRESSO Small, and dark, and strong
FAST EDDIE This one's a runner
FITZSIMMONS A good Boxer name
FLEA Small dog, big bite
FOO FIGHTER A little dog who loves to rumble
GOTHAM The Dog Knight
HOTDOG Hold the onions
HOUDINI Canine escape artist
HUGO BOSS I'm in charge and don't you forget it
I-BEAM A really tough dog
I-POD and one who's always talking
IRAN BARKLEY A boxer or a barker, or both
ITCHYCOO Little dog with an itch to scratch
JACK BLACK A Tenacious D(og)
JACKIE O A stylish Jack Russell Terrier
JAMES BROWN Cool name for a brown dog
JAWS Big mouth!
JAZZABELLE For a jazz lover

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Dog Names

More Creative Dog names...

JELLY ROLL and a jazz lover who loves sweets
JIMMY CHOO Dog who chews up your shoes
JITTERBUG This dog has some moves
JK One for the Harry Potter fans
JOAN JETT For a black dog who rocks!
JOE BOXER A Boxer named Joe, perhaps?
JUKEBOX Dog with a great voice
KARAOKE and one to provide backing vocals
KAYAK One for a water loving dog
KISSINGER A dog who likes to kiss
KLINGON …and one who follows you everywhere
KOJAK Good name for a Chinese Crested
LA MOTTA Raging Bull (Terrier)
LITTLE CAESAR Friends, rovers, country dogs
LITTLE DOT Suits a small spotted dog
LITTLE JUNIOR Junior's smaller brother
MA BARKER Leader of the pack
MACGYVER This dog has a knack of getting out of sticky situations
MCBARKER One of the Fabulous Barker Boys
MCCOOL Too cool to pant

More Creative Dog names...

MCFLY Pretty fly for a puppy dog
MEGABYTE Beagle boy with a big bite
MILK-BONE These are a few of my favorite treats
MR. GOODBARK Chocolate-colored and a little bit nutty
MUDBUD Nothing beats a good mud-bath
MURPHY BROWN Yet another great brown dog name
NIMBY Not in my back yard!
OSHKOSH A very large dog
OXO Big, and strong, and beefy
PACMAN This little guy won't stop eating
PADLOCK Great guard dog name
PIXEL For a really tiny dog
PUGGY SUE A good name for a lady pug
PUGSLEY and one for her gentleman friend
PUNKY BREWSTER Do you feel lucky punk!
Q-TIP Would suit a really cute little dog
QUARTERBACK A dog who loves to play ball
QUEEN BEE Dog who rules the hiver, house
QUIDDITCH Another good one for Harry Potter fans
RAMBI A cross between Rambo and Bambi

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RC A dark dog from down south
RICKY RICARDO Puppy, you got a lotta 'splainin' to do!
SHORT STOP Nothing gets past this little guy
SHOWBIZ The next big dog star
SIOUXSIE Why settle for Suzie?
SIX PACK Muscles with a muzzle
SKEETER A little guy who's always buzzing around
SMALLVILLE Small, but super
SQUIDOO A cute little dog name
STARBUCKS A coffee-colored dog
SUGARBAKER Sweet name for a sweet dog
TACO BELL Another good Chihuahua name
WILL-YUM When plain old William just won't do
WINGNUT A little dog with big ears
WINN-DIXIE For the southern belle or beau
WYATT Clever name for a white dog
X-FILE For the dog of unknown origin
YANKEE POODLE The barker from the Bronx
YOU TUBE The latest on-line star
ZSA-ZSA Officer, do you want to get bitten?

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