Exotic Dog Names

Exotic Dog Names

"A collection of exotic names for your special dog."

If you're looking for dog names and are not prepared to settle for the mundane, you've come to the right place.

This collection brings together some of the rarest, most exotic and downright interesting dog names available anywhere.

You won't find Buddy or Daisy here, but you will find Bjork, Jamiroquai, Zaqar.

We also have:

COLUMBINE: Latin female name meaning 'dove'

NINOTCHKA: Movie starring Greta Garbo

SPANDAU: A borough of Berlin

Or how about this one?:

VIRDELL: Brussel Griffon from the movie As Good as it Gets

Pick your favorite.

Top Tip: Read our Top Tips for Naming Dogs before deciding on an unusual name for your dog.

ABRAXIS An angel in medieval Jewish angelologies
ALGONQUIN Native American tribe
ALMONDINE Sweet dog from The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
ANDROMEDA German Shepherd The Parent Trap (1961 version)
AZALEA Flower of the zodiac sign Sagittarius
BARYSHNIKOV Russian ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov
BELLADONNA An extremely poisionous plant
BJORK Icelandic pop singer / songwriter
BRAYDEN Celtic / Gaelic name meaning "brave"
CALICO Calico Jack Rackham, an 18th century pirate
CALIX Greek male name meaning "very handsome"
CHIZU Japanese, meaning: "a thousand storks" (imples longevity)
COLUMBINE Latin female name meaning 'dove'
CYRANO Cyrano de Bergerac, French dramatist
DALI Salvador Dalí, Spanish surrealist artist
DELPHINA Greek female name meaning "little flower"
DHANI Dhani Harrison, guitarist son of George Harrison
DJANGO Django Reinhardt, jazz guitar great
DWEEZIL Dweezil Zappa, musician son of Frank Zappa
EDELWEISS European mountain flower

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Dog Names

GIVENCHY Hubert de Givenchy, French fashion designer
HYACINTH Lead character from the sitcom 'Keeping Up Appearances'
IAGO Character from Shakespeare's Othello
ICARUS Greek mythology character who tried to fly
IO A moon of Jupiter
IONE Ione Skye, American actress
ISIS Egyptian goddess of nature and magic
ISLA A Scottish island (Pronounced "ILA")
JAMIROQUAI English Funk / Soul / Pop band
JEZEBEL Alternative rock band Gene Loves Jezebel
JOAQUIN Joaquin Phoenix, actor
JUVENTAS Roman goddess of youth
KALYSTA Latin name meaning 'most beautiful'
KAZUMI Kazumi Wattanabe, Jazz / Fusion guitarist
KEIKO Japanese female name meaning "blessing"
KENZO Japanese imperial ruler
KISMET Persian word meaning "destiny"
KOBI Japanese word meaning "joy"
KOKOMO Place name common to Indiana, Mississipi and Hawaii
KULLA Babylonian god who restores temples

Exotic Dog names...

LAETITIA French actress, Laetitia Casta
LAFAYETTE Basset Hound from The Aristocats
LAIKA The first dog in space
LAKOTA Native American word meaning "friend"
LAPHROIG Single Malt Scotch Whisky (Pronounced: "LA-FROY-G")
LAZAROO Australian author, Simone Lazaroo
LEILANI Hawaiian female name, meaning 'heavenly flowers'
MEI-LIEN Chinese female name meaning 'beautiful lotus'
MERCKX Eddy Merckx, Tour de France winner
MIKADO Title once use for the emperor of Japan
MINGUS Charlie Mingus, jazz bassist
MONTSERRAT Spanish soprano, Montserrat Caballe
MORDRED Villain of Arthurian legend
MORPHEUS Greek god of dreams
MOSCHINO Italian fashion house
NABAKOV Russian-American author Vladimir Nabokov
NIJINSKY Russian ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky
NIKKEI Tokyo Stock Exchange
NINOTCHKA Movie starring Greta Garbo
OBERON Legendary King of the Fairies

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Dog Names

Exotic Dog names...

OCTAVIAN Considered the greatest Roman emperor
ORPHEUS Greek god of poetry and music
OSIRIS Egyptian god of the underworld
PANDORA In Greek mythology, the first woman on earth
PERSEUS Son of Zues and slayer of Medusa
POMPEII Roman city destroyed by a volcano (Pronounced: "POM-PAY")
PORTHOS One of the Three Musketeers
PRIMUS Latin name meaning 'first'
QASHQAI A model of Nissan RV
QUIDDITCH Fictional sport played in Harry Potter
QUIXOTE Don Quixote, hero of the book by Miguel de Cervantes
QWERTY Most common computer keyboard layout
RAMESSES Ramesses II, Egypt's greatest pharoah
RASMUS Alternative rock band, The Rasmus
ROMANOV Family name of the former Russian monarchy
ROMULUS Legendary founder of Rome
SAATCHI Well known advertising firm Saatchi & Saatchi
SIOUXSIE Singer of the band Siouxsie and the Banshees
SIRONA Gaulish goddess of astronomy
SIRIUS Sirius Black from the Harry Potter novels

SPANDAU A borough of Berlin
TALISKER Scottish single malt whisky
TARIQ Arabic name meaning 'messenger'
TEHYA Native American female name meaning "precious"
THELONIUS Thelonius Monk, jazz pianist
THISBE Roman mythological love story (Pyramus & Thisbe)
TIBERIUS Emperor of Rome
TRIFFID Alien species which invades Earth in "Day of the Triffids"
TROIKA Husky (stunt double to Noble) from Eight Below
USCHI German nickname for Ursula
UZURI Swahili word meaning "beauty"
VALKYRIE Female figures who decide you dies in battle (Norse mythology)
VIRDELL Brussel Griffon from the movie As Good as it Gets
WEEJIE Norwegian Elkhound of President Herbert Hoover
XERXES King of Persia (Pronounced: "ZERK-SEES")
YNGWIE Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmstein
YOSSARIAN Character from Joseph Heller's Catch-22
ZAQAR Sumerian god of dreams
ZDENKA Zdenka Silhava, Czech athlete
ZHIVAGO Dr. Zhivago, classic Hollywood movie

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