White Dog Names

White Dog Names

"A list of names to suit the gorgeous dog in your life."

Think snow, think sugar, think white sandy beaches, vanilla ice cream and starlight. Think fluffy clouds and polar bears and linen.

Names on this list include:

BLANCHE: Name of French origin, meaning white

MILK BONE: Brand of dog treat

STARDUST: Fantasy film starring Michelle Phieffer

WHITE SOX: Baseball team based in Chicago

A dazzling collection of names to suit the sunshine of your life.

Pick your favorite, but make sure you have you know who's approval.

ALASKA Northernmost American state
ASPEN Ski resort in Colorado
ARCTIC Massive expanse of ice around the north pole
BACARDI Famous brand of white rum
BETTY WHITE Actress best known for The Golden Girls
BIANCA Italian female name meaning white
BIANCO Italian male name meaning white
BLANCA Spanish female name
BLANCHE Name of French origin, meaning white
BLANCO Spanish male name meaning white
BLIZZARD Snow storm
BLONDENE Good female name for a white dog
BLONDIE Eighties band fronted by Debbie Harry
BROADWAY Also known as The Great White Way
BUTTERMILK A fermented milk drink
CASABLANCA Literal translation is 'white house'
CASPER The friendly ghost
CLOUD Would suit a white, fluffy dog
COTTON Another cute name for a white, fluffy pooch
DAZZLER A Marvel Comics superhero

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Dog Names

DIAMOND For your precious white pooch
EDELWEISS White mountain-flower
ESKIMO Indigenous people of the polar regions
FROSTY Frosty the Snowman, song and TV program
GHOST Movie starring Patrick Swayze
ICE Cool name for a white dog
ICE-CUBE Rapper and actor
IGLOO House made of ice
LASKA Derived from Alaska
LIGHTNING Tampa's hockey franchise
MARILYN Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood's most famous platinum blonde
MARSHMALLOW Type of candy
MAYO Abbreviation of mayonnaise
MCCOOL Cool name for a white dog
MILK-BONE Brand of dog treat
MISTY A character from the Pokemon video game
MOONSHINE Illegally distilled white spirit
MR. FREEZE Supervillain enemy of Batman
MR. WHITE Character from the movie Resevoir Dogs
NORDIC From Scandanavia

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PALOMA Means 'dove' in Spanish
SANDY Diminutive form of Sandra
SCANDI Slang term for some-one from Scandanavia
SHINE Oscar nominated movie
SNOW Just the thing for winter fun with your dog
SNOW WHITE Princess from the fairy tale and animated movie
SNOWBALL Perfect name for your snow loving dog
SNOWDROP Good name for a small white dog
SNOWFLAKE For your unique white dog
SNOWY Tintin's pet dog in The Adventures of Tintin
STAR Every dog is a star (in our humble opinion)
STARDUST Fantasy film starring Michelle Phieffer
STARLIGHT A Marvel Comics character
STELLA Latin word meaning star
SUGAR A sweet, white dog
SUGAR CUBE One lump or two?
SUNBEAM For the dog the brightens up your day
SUNDANCE Film festival held annually in Utah
SUNNY A dog with a sunny personality
SUNSHINE Oscar nominated movie Little Miss Sunshine

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Dog Names

SWAN Graceful white waterbird
TEQUILA Fiery white spirit from Mexico
TWINKLE Nursery ryhme, Twinkle, twinkle little star
VANNA Vanna White, TV presenter
VANILLA Popular flavouring for ice-cream
VODKA White spirit originally from Russia
WHITE FANG Canine hero of Jack London's novel
WHITE SOX Baseball team based in Chicago
WINTER The 'white' season
YUKON Federal territory in Canada

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