Unusual Black Dog Names

Unusual Black Dog Names

"A collection of interesting and unusual black names for your dog."

If you're looking for a name and are not prepared to settle for the mundane, you've come to the right place.

On this page we include some interesting, unusual and witty naming options for the dark dog in your life.

Our list includes:

BATMAN: Superhero known as The Dark Knight

JETTA: Latin female name meaning 'jet black'

RC: Brand of cola

ZORRO: Western hero who dresses in black

So search the list and shortlist some favourites. You may even be inspired to come up with a few unusual dog names of your own.

Top Tip: Read our Top Tips for Naming Dogs before deciding on an unusual name for your dog.

8-BALL The black ball in pool
ACE Particularly the ace of spades
ALL BLACK New Zealand's national rugby team
ARMAGEDDON Epic battle between good and evil
BATMAN Superhero known as The Dark Knight
BILLY BLACK A character from the Twilight novels by Stephanie Meyer
BLACK English singer / songwriter Colin Vearncombe
BLACK BART 18th Century pirate
BLACK DOG Classic rock song by Led Zeppelin
BLACKADDER British comedy series
BLACKBERRY Tasty fruit or communication device
BLACKHAWK Military attack helicopter
BLACKHEART Rock band fronted by Joan Jett
BLACKJACK Game of cards also called 21
BLACKMORE Richie Blackmore, Deep Purple & Rainbow guitarist
BLACKSMITH Tradesman who works with metal
BLAKE Old English name meaning black
BODU Phantom black dog in Guernsey folklore
CHARCO Name of a famous search & rescue dog
DARK DOG Brand of energy drink

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Dog Names

DARKNESS The Darkness, British rock band
DARKO Donnie Darko, title character of the cult movie
DARKSTAR A Marvel Comics superhero
DARTH VADER Villain of the star Wars movies
DECKER As in Black & Decker
DONNIE DARKO Cult movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal
DRAVEN Eric Draven from The Crow graphic novels
DR. PEPPER Brand of soft drink
ECLIPSE A novel in the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer
ESPRESSO Strong, black coffee
GOTH Musical sub-genre of whose fans dress in black
GOTHAM Batman's home town
GOTHIC Culture originating in northern Europe
GUINNESS Famous brand of dark Irish beer
HADES Greek god of the underworld
HEX A spell in black magic
JACK BLACK Actor and musician
JET As in 'jet black'
JETTA Latin female name meaning 'jet black'
JOAN JETT Singer and guitarist of The Blackhearts

JOHNNY CASH Country singer known as 'The Man in Black'
KRISHNA Hindu deity known as 'the black one'
KURA Japanese word for black
MAGICK Old English word for black magic
MAMBA Black Mamba, very fast and poisonous snake
MORDRED Villain of Arthurian legend (and The Dark Tower)
MORPHEUS Roman god of sleep and dreams
MORTICIA Morticia Addams of The Addams Family
NERO Roman emperor whose name means black
NIGHTSHADE Marvel Comics supervillain
NINJA Japanese assassins who dress in black
PHANTOM The Phantom, DC Comics superhero
RAVEN Large black bird of prey
RC Brand of cola
REAPER The grim reaper, personification of death
SABBATH Pioneering heavy metal band, Black Sabbath
SHADOW The Shadow, crime-fighting superhero
SIRIUS Sirius Black, character from Harry Potter
SKIKER Phantom black dog in Lancashire folklore
TARMAC The blacktop on road surfaces

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Dog Names

TWILIGHT Vampire novels by Stephanie Meyer
UNDERTAKER WWE wrestler, The Undertaker
VOODOO Religious beliefs originating in West Africa
WARLOCK A male witch
WEDNESDAY Wednesday Addams of The Addams Family
WITCHCRAFT Practice of the 'dark arts'
ZORRO Western hero who dresses in black

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