Top Male Dog Names

Top Male Dog Names

"Attention! top names for your little trooper."

Whether your dog is a 'General' or an 'Admiral' or just a 'G.I.', we've got you covered with this excellent collection of military dog names - including ranks, weaponry and military jargon.

Here's a taste of what's on offer:

BRAVO: Nato Phoenetic alphabet "B"

GUNNY: Nickname for Gunnery Sergeant

NAVY: Branch of the military

Or how about?:

SHOOTER: Marksman

Just browse and pick from the list below.

ADMIRAL Senior Naval rank
APACHE Attack helicopter
ARROW Projectile launched from a bow
BABY G Slang term for a Brigadier General
BATTLE Clash between military forces
BAZOOKA WWII Anti-tank weapon
BISON Armoured Personnel Carrier
BLACKHAWK Utility helicopter
BOMBER Warplane
BOOTCAMP Marine recruit training
BRAVO Nato Phoenetic alphabet "B"
BRIGADIER Military officer rank
BULLET Ammunition
CAMO Slang for Camoflage
CANNON Artillery Gun
CAPTAIN Military officer rank
CHARLIE Service uniform
CHEVRON Symbol of NCO rank
CHIEF Naval rank, Chief Petty Officer

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Dog Names

CHINOOK Cargo helicopter
COLONEL Military officer rank
COMBAT Engage in battle
COMMANDER Naval Officer rank
COMMANDO Special forges soldier
DAGGER Bladed weapon
DELTA Nato Phoenetic alphabet "D"
FLAK Anti-aircraft fire
G.I. Army serviceman
GARRISON Body of troops station at a particular location
GATOR Military vehicle
GENERAL Senior Army rank
GRINDER Slang for parade ground
GRUNT Infantryman
GUN Artillery NCO
GUNNER Normally refers to Artillery or Naval weapon
GUNNY Nickname for Gunnery Sergeant
HERCULES Cargo Aircraft
HERO Shows bravery in battle
HONCHO Person in charge

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HOOCH Temporary dwelling
HORNET Fighter aircraft
HUMVEE Light armoured vehicle
IRON MIKE Marine with perfect 300 on physical fitness test
JAG legal entity within Marine Corps
JEEP Military vehicle
JOE Slang for coffee
KEVLAR Lightweight protective armour
LANCE Lance corporal, junior NCO
LIBERTY Authorized free time off base
LUGER German WWII pistol
MA DEUCE Slang for Browning M2 machine gun
MAJOR Military officer rank
MAMBA Armoured Personnel Carrier
MARCH Organized walking, as in a military parade
MARINE Branch of the military
MEDIC Medical personnel
MIKE Nato Phoenetic alphabet "M"
MISSLE Self propelled projectile
MISTER Antiquated address for Naval officer

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MOONBEAM Flashlight
MUSKET Ancient firearm
MUSTANG WWII US fighter plane
NAVY Branch of the military
NIMITZ Class of aircraft carrier
NUKE Slang for Nuclear
OSHKOSH Military vehicle
OSPREY Cargo Aircraft
PHROG Nickname for CH-46 Sea Knight
PILOT Person who flies a plane
PISTOL Side arm
PLATOON Military unit of 25 - 50 soldiers
POGUEY Slang for candy or sweets
PRIVATE Enlisted man
RADAR Radio Detection and Ranging
RANGER Elite Special Forces unit
RAPTOR Fighter aircraft
RIFLE Infantry weapon
ROCKET Missile
ROOKIE New Recruit

more Top Male Dog names...

SAILOR Naval serviceman
SALTY Experience, well-worn person
SARGE Slang term for Sergeant
SCOUT Soldier engaged in reconnaissance
SCUD Soviet ballistic missile
SENTRY Airbourne command aircraft
SHERPA Transport aircraft
SHOOTER Marksman
SKIPPER Term for Marine or Navy captain
SKIRMISH Short pitched battle
SNIPER Marksman
SNUFFY Junior Marine
SOLDIER Military serviceman
SPEAR Ancient weapon
SPECTRE Attack aircraft
SPIRIT Bomber aircraft
SQUID insulting slang term for sailor

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Dog Names

STRYKER Armoured Personnel Carrier
SWORD Ancient or ceremonial weapon
TANK Armoured fighting vehicle
TIGER German WWII tank
TORPEDO Submarine weapon
TRACKER Anti-submarine aircraft
UZZI Israeli sub-machinegun
WILCO Will comply
ZOOMIE Slang term for a pilot

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