Puppy Name Ideas

Puppy Name Ideas

This Puppy Name Ideas lists features names from well-known places. Too narrow? Want to explore more ideas? Then start your search at our Great Dog Names Themes Page - featuring over 60 themed pages, and 1000s of puppy naming ideas.

Names of cities, states and countries have always been used for naming things.

People use them (think Dakota Fanning or Paris Hilton), they work for fictional characters (Indiana Jones, Mr. Cairo), they even work for rock bands (Boston, Chicago, Kansas).

Do they work as puppy names?

Here's a few names to get you started:

ANGOLA: African country

DALLAS: City in the state of Texas, USA

KANDY: City in Sri Lanka

OSLO: Capital of Norway

We definitely think they do, but you be the judge - starting with the list below.

ADELAIDE Australian city
ALASKA Largest US state
AMAZON World's largest river
ANGOLA African country
ARIZONA The Grand Canyon state
ASPEN Ski resort in Colorado
AUSTIN City in the state of Texas, USA
BAJA Mexican State (Pronounced: "BAA-HA")
BAMA Short form of Alabama
BEL-AIR City in Southern California
BERKELEY City in Northern California
BERLIN Capital city of Germany
BILOXI Town in Mississippi
BONN City in Germany
BOISE Capital city of Idaho
BORDEAUX City in France
BOSTON Capital city of Massachusetts
BRADFORD City in Northern England
BRAZIL Largest country in South America
BRIGHTON City on England's south coast

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BROADWAY Center of New York's theater district
BRONX New York Borough
BROOKLYN New York Borough
BUFFALO City in New York state
BURBANK Located in California
CAIRO Capital city of Egypt
CARDIFF Capital city of Wales
CAROLINA South and North Carolina
CASABLANCA City in Morocco
CASPIAN Caspian Sea
CHELSEA Wealthy area of London
CHEYENNE Capital of Montana
CHINA Country in Asia
CLEVELAND City in Ohio
CLYDE Firth of Clyde, Scotland
CONGO African Country
CUBA Caribbean island nation
CYPRUS Island country in the Mediterranean
DAKOTA US states North Dakota and South Dakota
DALLAS City in the state of Texas, USA

DARWIN Australian city
DAX Town in France
DC Washington DC
DENVER Capital city of Colorado
DETROIT City in Michigan
DEVON County in south west England
DRESDEN German city
DUBLIN Capital of Ireland
DUNDEE City in Scotland
EGYPT Country in north Africa
ESSEX County in England
EVEREST World's highest mountain
FAROE Faroe Islands
FIJI Fiji Islands
FLORENCE City in Italy
FRISCO Colloquial term for San Francisco
FUJI Mount Fuji, Japan
GENEVA City in Switzerland
GEORGE South African coastal town

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GIBRALTAR British territory in Spain
HARLEM Area of New York City
HAWAII US Pacific Island State
HEATHROW London's main international airport
HOLLAND Country in Europe
HOLLYWOOD Movie capital of the world
HOUSTON Largest city in Texas
IMOLA Home of Italy's famous motor racing circuit
IDAHO US state
INDIA Country in Asia
IOWA US state
IRELAND Country in Europe
JAMAICA Caribbean island
JAVA Island of Indonesia
JENA City in Germany
JORDAN Country in the Middle East
KANDY City in Sri Lanka
KAROO Semi-desert region of South Africa

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KENT County in south east England
KENYA African Country
KINGSTON Capital of Jamaica
KNOXVILLE City in Kentucky
KOBE City in Japan
KOKOMO Privately owed island, Jamaica
LIMA Capital of Peru
LISBON Capital city of Portugal
LODI City in California (Pronounced: "LOW-DIE")
LONDON Capital of the UK
MALI African Country
MALIBU Beach community in Los Angeles
MANHATTAN Smallest borough of New York City
MAUI Island of the Hawaiian Islands
MEMPHIS City in Tennessee
MIAMI City in Florida
MOJAVE Mojave Desert (Pronounced: MO-HA-VEE)
MONTEGO Montego Bay, Jamaica

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MONZA Italian city
MOROCCO Country in North Africa
MOSCOW Capital city of Russia
MUNICH City in Germany
NANCY City in France
NASHVILLE Capital city in Tennessee
NEWPORT City in Maine
NORWAY Country in Europe
OHIO US state
OMAHA Largest city in Nebraska
ORLANDO Home of Disney World in the state of Florida
ORLEANS City in France
OSLO Capital of Norway
OXFORD University town in England
OZARK Ozark Mountains, central US
PANAMA Central American country
PARIS Capital of France

PHILLY Nickname of Philidelphia
PHOENIX Capital of Arizona
POMPEII Ancient Roman city (Pronounced: "POM-PAY")
PORTO City in Portugal
QUEBEC City in Canada
QUITO Capital city of Ecuador
RENO "Biggest little city in the world" Reno, Nevada
RIO Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
RHODES Greek Island in the Aegean Sea
SAHARA Largest desert in the world
SALVADOR El Salvador, Central America
SANTIAGO Capital of Chile
SAVANNAH City in Georgia
SHANGHAI City in China
SITKA Alaskan river
SYDNEY City in Australia
SKYE Island in northern Scotland
SOHO Area of New York (or London)
SPOKANE City in Washington state
STIRLING City in Scotland

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TAHITI Tropical island in the Pacific
TAIPEI Capital of Taiwan
TALLAHASEE City in Florida
TAMPA City in Florida
TOBAGO Caribbean island
TULSA City in Oklahoma
TOKYO Capital of Japan
UTAH US state
VEGAS Las Vegas, Nevada
VERONA City in Northern Italy
VICTORIA Australian state
VIENNA Capital of Austria
WACO City in Texas
WELLINGTON City in New Zealand
WINDSOR Town in the English county of Berkshire
YORK City in Northern England
YUKON Province of Canada
ZURICH City in Switzerland

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