Norwegian Dog Names

Norwegian Dog Names

"A collection of great names."

Whether you want to name your dog for its breed origin or celebrate your Norse heritage, this page lists some famous Norwegian names.

From soccer stars to supermodels, you'll find names on this list that work really well for any Norwegian breed, like an Elkhound, Lundehund or Hygenhund.

Here a a few names to get you started:

MAGNUS Name of seven Norwegian kings

RIISE John Arne Riise, soccer player

PIA PIA Haraldsen, model

Simply browse the list below and choose your favorite. It's that easy.

ARI Ari Behn, author & son in law of King Harald V
BJORN Bjorn Haugan, opera singer
BRITT Britt Langlie, stage actress
EDVARD Edvard Grieg, composer and pianist
ERIK Erik Werenskiold, painter
ERIKSEN Stein Eriksen, Olympic champion alpine skier
FINN Finn Oglaend, author and poet
FREDERICK Name of six Norwegian kings
FRIDA Frida Lyngstad, dark-headed singer from ABBA
GOTTFRIED Gottfried von der Goltz, violinist
GUSTAV Gustav Vigeland, sculptor
HANSEN Frank Hansen, Olympic rowing champion
HARALD King Harald V (current monarch)
HEIDI Heidi Gjermundsen Broch, actress
HELENE Helene Rask, model
INGRID Ingrid Kristiansen, long distance runner
IVO Ivo Caprino, movie director
JAKOB Jakob Margido Esp, actor and writer
JOACHIM Joachim Nielsen, rock singer
KARI Kari Rueslatten, singer

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Dog Names

KATHRINE Kathrine Sorland, model (former Miss Norway)
KIRSTEN Kirsten Flagstad, soprano
KNUT Knut Reiersrud, Blues guitarist
LALLA Lalla Carlsen, singer and actress
LARS Lars Saabye Christensen, author
LISE Lise Myhre, cartoonist "Nemi"
LITA Lita Prahl, actress and costume designer
MAGNUS Name of seven Norwegian kings
MAGS Magne "Mags" Furuholmen, guitarist for A-ha
MARTA Marta Steinsvik, author and translator
MARTHA Princess Martha Louise (daughter of King Harald V)
MORTEN Morten Harket, singer for A-ha
NATASSIA Natassia Malthe, actress
NILA Nila Ann Hakedal, beach volleyball player
NILS Nils Aas, sculptor
NILSEN Kurt Nilsen, winner of World Idol
OLAV Olav Aukrust, poet
OSCAR Name of two Norwegian kings
OTTO Otto Jespersen, comedian
PIA Pia Haraldsen, model

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RIISE John Arne Riise, soccer player
RIKARD Rikard Nordraak, composed the Norwegian national anthem
ROLF Rolf Lovland, composer and pianist
RONNI Ronni Le Tekro, musician
SONJA Sonja Henie, 10x world figure skating champion
SVEN Sven Nordin, actor
THEODOR Theodor Kittelsen, painter
THOR Thor Hushovd, cyclist
TOKI Toki Wartooth, guitarist
TORD Tord Asle Gjerdalen, cross-country skier

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