Male Pairs Dog Names

Male Pairs Dog Names

"A collection of names just for the boys."

If you've just adopted a pair of male puppies you'll have twice the fun, twice the joy and of course twice the amount of poop to pick up!

You'll also have to come up with not just one dog name, but two. Consider us the canine cavalry, riding to the rescue with this fine collection of names.

How about these for starters?:

CAIN & ABEL:Biblical characters

ERIC & BANA:Eric Bana (Australian actor)

MICK & KEITH:Mick Jagger & Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones)

Or how about?:

TANGO & CASH:Movie characters

Just browse the list and choose with confidence the two that matches your pair of males.

ALEX & KEATON Alex Keaton (TV character, Family Ties)
ALI & FRAZIER Mohammed Ali & Joe Frazier (boxing legends)
ARCHIE & REGGIE Archie comics
ARNIE & SLY Arnold Schwarzenegger & Sylvester Stallone (actors)
ASTON & MARTIN Luxury sports car
AYKROYD & BELUSHI Dan Aykroyd & John Belushi (actors The Blue Brothers)
BARNEY & FRED The Flintstones (cartoon characters)
BEETHOVEN & MOZART Wolfgang Beethoven & Amadeus Mozart (composers)
BILL & MURRAY Bill Murray (actor)
BILL & TED Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (movie)
BILLY & KID Billy the Kid (infamous outlaw)
BOBBY & CHARLTON English soccer great
BRADLEY & COOPER Bradley Cooper (actor)
BRIDGES & BEAU Jeff Bridges & Beau Bridges (brothers)
BRUCE & WAYNE Also known as Batman
BUFORD & JUSTICE Sheriff Buford T. Justice (Smokey & the Bandit)
BURBANK & TRUMAN Truman Burbank (movie character, The Truman Show)
BUTCH & SUNDANCE Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid (outlaws)
CAIN & ABEL Biblical characters

CARL & PERKINS Carl Perkins (Country singer)
CHAPLIN & CHARLIE Charlie Chaplin (comedy actor)
CHARLES & DICKENS Charles Dickens (Danish author)
CHARLIE & EMILIO Charlie Sheen & Emilio Estevez (acting siblings)
CHESTER & ARTHUR Chester Alan Arthur (former US President)
CHILI & PALMER Chili Palmer (movie character, Get Shortly)
CHUCK & NORRIS Chuck Norris (actor & martial arts expert)
CLANCY & GRISHAM Tom Clancy & John Grisham (authors)
CLOONEY & GEORGE George Clooney (actor)
COLUMBO & LARGO James Bond baddies (For Your Eyes Only & Thunderball)
COMMANDER & CHIEF US President (head of the military)
CONNERY & MOORE Sean Connery & Roger Moore (former James Bond actors)
DALTON & TIMOTHY Timothy Dalton (Welsh actor)
DE NIRO & PACINO Robert De Niro & Al Pacino (acting greats)
DEAN & STEPHEN Dean Koontz & Stephen King (authors)
DEMPSEY & LAMOTTA Jack Dempsey & Jake La Motta (boxing greats)
DENNIS & HOPPER Dennis Hopper (actor)
DENNIS & RANDY Dennis & Randy Quaid (acting brothers)
DONALD & KIEFER Donald & Kiefer Sutherland (father and son actors)
DONNIE & DARKO Donnie Darko (movie character)

DOUGLAS & JONES Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones (acting couple)
DUDLEY & PETER Dudley Moore & Peter Cook (comedy duo)
DYLAN & BOB Bob Dylan (song writer)
ED & HARRIS Ed Harris (actor)
EDDIE & MURPHY Eddie Murphy (actor)
ELWOOD & JAKE Characters from The Blue Brothers
ERIC & BANA Eric Bana (Australian actor)
ERNEST & HEMINGWAY Ernest Hemingway (author)
EWING & BARNES Rival families from 80s TV series Dallas
FLASH & GORDON Flash Gordon (comic character)
FRANK & JOE Frank and Joe Hady, The Hardy Boys book series
FRANKLIN & BENJAMIN Benjamin Franklin
FRASIER & NILES Brothers from the sitcom Frasier
GARTH & BROOKS Garth Brooks (Country singer)
HOLMES & WATSON Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson
HUGHIE & MILBURN Hughie Gallacher & Jackie Milburn (soccer greats)
HUGO & BOSS German fashion label
JACK & DANIEL Jack Daniels (whiskey)
JACK & REGGIE Movie characters (48 hrs & Another 48 hrs)

JEFFERSON & LINCOLN Thomas Jefferson & Abraham Lincoln (former US Presidents)
JESSIE & JAMES Infamous outlaw
JIMI & HENDRIX Jimi Hendrix (rock guitarist)
JOEL & ETHAN Joel & Ethan Coen (sibling movie directors)
JR & BOBBY Brothers from the TV series Dallas
LAUREL & HARDY Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy (comedy duo)
LENNON & MCCARTNEY John Lennon & Paul McCartney
LEWIS & CLARK Meriwether Lewis & William Clark
MAC & TOSH Macintosh (rain coat)
MARCO & POLO Italian explorer
MARK & SPENCER Marks & Spencer (famous British department store)
MARLEY & TOSH Bob Marley & Peter Tosh (Reggae musicians)
MARLON & BRANDO Marlon Brando (actor)
MATT & DILLON Matt Dillon (actor)
MCSHANE & IAN Ian McShane (English actor)
MICK & KEITH Mick Jagger & Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones)
MOON & MORRISON Keith Moon & Jim Morrison (The Doors)
NIXON & CARTER Richard Nixon & Jimmy Carter (US Presidents)
ORLANDO & JUDE Orlando Bloom & Jude Law (English actors)
OWEN & CLIVE Clive Owen (English actor)

PEARCE & GUY Guy Pearce (Australian actor)
PESCI & JOE Joe Pesci (actor)
POIROT & HASTINGS Hercule Poirot & Arthur Hastings
POPEYE & DOYLE Popeye Doyle (movie character, The French Connection)
POTTER & HARRY Harry Potter (fictional character)
RADCLIFF & DANIEL Daniel Radcliff (English actor)
RALPH & JOSEPH Ralph & Joseph Fiennes (brothers, English actors)
RANDALL & HOPKIRK Jeff Randall & Marty Hopkirk (British detective series)
RANGER & TONTO Lone Ranger & Tonto
RONALDO & MESSI Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi (soccer players)
RUSTY & RYAN Movie character (Ocean 11/12/13, played by Brad Pitt)
SAMPRAS & ROGER Pete Sampras & Roger Federer (tennis greats)
SCHUMACHER & STEWART Michael Schumacher & Jackie Stewart (Formula One greats)
SIDNEY & SHELDON Sidney Sheldon (author)
SIMON & GARFUNKEL Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel (musician duo)
SMITH & JONES 2 Common surnames
SMOKEY & BANDIT Movie characters (Smokey & the Bandit)
STAN & OLIVER Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy (comedy duo)
STARSKY & HUTCH 1970s TV characters
STEWART & PATRICK Patrick Stewart (English actor)

TANGO & CASH Movie characters
TIGER & NORMAN Tiger Woods & Greg Norman (golfing greats)
TOM & JERRY Cartoon characters
VAN GOGH & REMBRANDT Vincent Van Gogh & Rembrandt Van Rijn (Dutch painters)
VICTOR & HUGO Victor Hugo (French author)
WAYNE & GARTH Movie characters (Wayne's World)
WOODROW & WILSON Woodrow Wilson (US President)
YALE & HARVARD Famous US universities
ZACHARY & TAYLOR Zachary Taylor (US President)

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