Hawaiian Dog Names

Hawaiian Dog Names

"An excellent collection of Hawaiian names."

Our list of names isn't the biggest on the web, but we like it that way.

You see, we apply two criteria when selecting foreign (i.e. non-English) names for our site - the name must be pronounceable, and its meaning must be appropriate.

To get you started to picked out a few:

ETANA: "Strong"

KAI: "Pure"

MALIE: "Calm"

PELE: "Joyous"

So choose with confidence from the list below. We think it contains some pretty good names for dogs.

AKA M "shadow"
AKELA F "noble"
AKONI M "invaluable"
AKUMA M "earth"
ALANI F "orange tree"
AMOKA M "strong"
BANE M "long awaited child"
ETANA M "strong"
EWA F "alive"
HALIA F "rememberance of a loved one"
HEIKI F "noble"
HOKU M "star"
HULA F "dance"
IOLANA F "to soar"
IPO M/F "daring"
KAI M/F "pure"
KAIKALA F "the sea and the sun"
KAILA F "stylish"
KAILANI F "sea and sky"
KAIMI M "the seeker"

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Dog Names

KAIPO M "sweetheart"
KALE M "man"
KALENA F "pure"
KALEO M "the sound"
KALI F "hesitation"
KAMEO F "the one and only
KANA M Maui demigod
KANI M "sound"
KAPENA M "captain"
KAPONO M "rightous"
KEALA M "pathway"
KEANA F "gracious"
KEANU M "cool"
KEIKI F "child"
KEILANI M "glorious chief"
KEOKI M "farmer"
KEONI M "God is gracious"
KIANA F "gardenia"
KIMO M "supplanter"
KOA M "brave"

More Hawaiian Dog names...

KOI M "implore"
KONA F "lady"
LABAN M "white"
LALA F "tulip"
LANA F "beautiful"
LANI F "heaven" / "sky"
LEIA F "child of heaven"
LEILANI F "heavenly flowers"
LIKO M "bud"
LILO F "God is my oath"
LONI F "sky"
LUPO M "wolf"
MAHINA M "moon"
MAKA M "favorite"
MAKALA F "myrtle"
MALANA F "bouyant" / "light"
MALEKO M "war-like"
MALIA F "beloved"
MALIE M "calm"
MALINA F "raspberry"

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Dog Names

MANO M "shark"
MAUI M Powerful Hawaiian god
MAYLEA F "wildflower"
MEKA F "eyes"
MELIKA F "honey bee"
MIKALA M "who is like god?"
MIKIL F "nimble" / "quick"
MILIANI F "gentle caress"
MOANA F "ocean"
MOKE M "saved by the water"
NALANI F "the heavens"
NALU M "ocean waves"
NANI F "rest"
NOELANI F "heavenly girl"
OLA F "well-being"
OLE M "fang"
OLIANA F "oleander"
PALANI M "free man"
PEKELO M "stone"
PELE M/F "joyous"

PIKA M "rock"
POLO M "large"
UILANI F "heavenly beauty"
WEUWEU M/F "fluffy"

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