Girl Boy Dog Names

Girl Boy Dog Names

"A Collection of Her and Him names."

If you've just brought home a girl / boy pair of puppies you may be thinking of giving them matching names. You know, like Bonnie and Clyde, Marge and Homer, Barnes and Noble (okay, maybe not Barnes and Noble!)

Coming up with pairs of names can sometimes be tricky, but we've done the hard work for your with this list of boy girl dog names.

Here's a few to get you started:

BETSY & ROSS:Betsy Ross (Made the first American flag)

GOLDIE & KURT:Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell (acting couple)

SARAH & CONNOR:Movie character (Terminator)

This is a good one too!:

VIRGINIA & MADSEN:Virgina Madsen (actress)

Just browse the list and choose with confidence from the excellent choices below.

ALI & MCGRAW Ali McGraw (actress)
ALICE & COOPER Alice Cooper (singer)
ALICE & RALPH Character from The Honeymooners
ALICIA & NASH Alicia Nash (movie character, A Beautiful Mind)
ALLY & MCBEAL Ally McBeal (TV series)
ANGELA & BASSETT Angela Bassett (actress)
ANNIE & OAKLEY Annie Oakley (sharp shooter, Wild Bill Hickok Show)
ANNIE & PORTER Annie Porter (movie character, Speed)
ARETHA & FRANKLIN Aretha Franklin (The Queen of Soul music)
AUDREY & HEPBURN Audrey Hepburn (actress)
BEA & ARTHUR Bea Arthur (actress)
BEATRIX & POTTER Beatrice Potter (author)
BESS & TRUMAN Former US First Lady
BETH & ALEX Wife & mistress (movie characters, Fatal Attraction)
BETSY & ROSS Betsy Ross (Made the first American flag)
BO & DEREK Bo Derek (actress & model)
BONNIE & CLYDE Infamous criminal couple
BRIDGET & JONES Movie character (Bridget Jones' Diary)
BRIGITTE & BARDOT Brigitte Bardot (French actress)
CHARLOTTE & RAY Charlotte Ray (first African American woman to get a law degree)

CINDY & CRAWFORD Cindy Crawford (supermodel)
CLARA & BARTON Clara Barton (founder of the American Red Cross)
COCO & DIOR Coco Chanel & Christian Dior (French fashion labels)
DANA & SCULLY TV character (The X-Files)
DEBBIE & HARRY Debbie Singer (singer for Blondie)
DEMI & ASHTON Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher (acting couple)
DIAMOND & NEIL Neil Diamond (singer)
DIXIE & CARTER Dixie Carter (actress)
DOLLEY & MADISON Former US First Lady
DOLLY & KENNY Country music greats Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers
DONNA & REED Donna Reed (Comedy actress)
DOROTHY & TOTO The Wizard of Oz
ELEANOR & CARTER Former US First Lady
ELLA & FITZGERALD Ella Fitzgerald (Blues singer)
EMMYLOU & HARRIS Country music legend
FAITH & TIM Faith Hill & Tim McGraw (Country singers and couple)
FELICITY & MACY Felicity Huffman & William Macy (acting couple)
GILLIAN & ANDERSON Gillian Anderson (actress)
GOLDIE & KURT Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell (acting couple)
GRACE & JONES Grace Jones (actress & singer)

GRETA & GARBO Great Garbo (actress)
HAILEY & ARTHUR Arthur Hailey (author)
HARRIET & JACOBS Harriett Jacobs (African American author)
ISADORA & DUNCAN Isadora Duncan (mother of modern dance)
JAKE & MAGGIE Jake & Maggie Gyllenhall (acting siblings)
JANET & JACKSON Janet Jackson (singer)
JANIS & JOPLIN Janis Joplin (Blues singer)
JESSICA & FLETCHER TV character (Murder She Wrote)
JULIA & ERIC Julia & Eric Roberts (actors and siblings)
JULIE & BLAKE Julie Andrews & Blake Edwards (movie couple)
KATE & JACKSON Kate Jackson (actress)
KIRSTIE & ALLEY Kirstie Alley (actress)
LAURIE & HUGH Hugh Laurie (English actor)
LEONA & LEWIS Leona Lewis (singer)
MAGGIE & THATCHER Margaret Thatcher (former British prime minister)
MARILYN & MONROE Marilyn Monroe (actress & sex symbol)
MARTHA & GEORGE Martha & George Washington
MAUDE & FINDLAY Maude Finlay (character, played by Bea Arthur)
MEG & TILLY Meg Tilly (actress)
MELANIE & ANTONIO Melanie Griffith & Antonio Banderas (acting couple)

MISSY & ELLIOT Missy Elliot (rapper)
NANCY & ALLEN Nancy Allen (actress)
NAOMI & WATTS Namoi Watts (actress)
OLIVE & POPEYE Fictional cartoon couple
PAMELA & TOMMY LEE Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee
PENNY & MARSHALL Penny Marshall (movie director)
POSH & BECKS Victoria & David Beckham
RITA & HANKS Rita Wilson & Tom Hanks (acting couple)
ROSE & AXL Axl Rose (singer for Guns N Roses)
SARAH & CONNOR Movie character (Terminator)
SCULLY & MULDER TV characters (The X-Files)
SIENNA & MILLER Selene Miller (actress)
STEPHENIE & MEYER Stephenie Meyer (author)
TINA & TURNER Singer (Queen of Rock n Roll)
TYLER & MOORE Mary Tyler Moore (actress)
VALERIE & HARPER Valerie Harper (actress)
VICTORIA & ALBERT Queen Victoria & Prince Albert
VIRGINA & MADSEN Virgina Madsen (actress)
WILMA & RUDOLPH Wilma Rudolph (African American 3x Olympic champion)

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