Female Pairs Dog Names

Female Pairs Dog Names

"A collection of all girl names."

Dogs are addictive. You start with one and likely end up with two or more. Sometimes you even adopt them in twos, and if you do then kudos to you. You won't regret it (Well, maybe when you're scooping up poop at two in the morning!)

Still they bring much more joy than trouble into your life and deserve the best of everything, including a great name.

To get your search started we have selected a few names:

BLANCHE & ROSE:Characters from The Golden Girls

ELLE & DAKOTA:Elle & Dakota Fanning (acting siblings)

KYSTAL & ALEXIS:TV characters (Dynasty)

This is a good one too:

PEPSI & COLA:Cool drinks

If you've just adopted a pair of female pups, then this list is especially for you and contains many excellent names for your little angels.

ADELAIDE & ALICE Australian cities Adelaide and Alice Springs
AMANDA & JO Amanada Woodward & Jo Reyolds (characters from TV's Melrose Place)
ANN & NANCY Ann & Nancy Wilson (sisters from the rock band Heart)
ANNIE & ALEX Movie baddies (Annie Wilkes, Misery & Alex Forrest, Fatal Attraction)
APRIL & JUNE Months of the year
ASHLEY & WYNONNA Ashley (actress) & Wynonna (singer) Judd (sisters)
BAMBI & THUMPER Cartoon characters
BARBARA & JENNA Barbara & Jenna Bush (twins of former US President George W. Bush)
BEATRICE & EUGENIE Granddaughters of Queen Elizabeth ll
BELLE & STARR Belle Starr (western frontierswoman and outlaw)
BETTY & VERONICA Archie comics
BLANCHE & ROSE Characters from The Golden Girls
BREE & LYNETTE Characters from Desperate Housewives
CAGNEY & LACEY TV detective series
CAROLINE & STEPHANIE Sisters (Princesses of Monaco)
CARRIE & BRADSHAW Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and the City)
CHERYL & BRINKLEY Cheryl Tiegs & Christies Brinkley (supermodels)
CHRISSY & JANET Characters from the comedy series Three's Company
CHRISTIE & AGATHA Author Agatha Christie

CLAUDIA & HEIDI Claudia Schiffer & Heidi Klum (German models)
DAWN & JENNIFER Dawn French & Jennifer Saunders (British comedy duo)
DIANA & FERGIE Former royal wives
ELEKTRA & MIRANDA James Bond Girls (The World is Not Enough & Die Another Day)
ELLE & DAKOTA Elle & Dakota Fanning (acting siblings)
ELLE & GEMMA Elle MacPherson & Gemma Ward (Australian models)
ELLEN & PORTIA Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi
GABRIELLE & LYNETTE Characters from Desperate Housewives
GOLDIE & KATE Goldie Hawn & daughter Kate Hudson (actresses)
GRACE & KELLY Grace Kelly (Princess of Monaco)
HETTY & HYACINTH Played by Patricia Routledge (Hetty Wainthropp & Keeping Up Appearances)
HILLARY & HAYLEY Hillary & Hayley Duff (siblings)
HONEY & TIFFANY James Bond Girls (Dr. No & Diamonds are Forever)
HOPE & FAITH Sibling characters (sitcom Hope & Faith)
ISOBEL & LEXIE Isobel Stevens and Alexandra "Lexie" Grey (characters from Grey's Anatomy)
JANET & LATOYA Siblings (Janet & LaToya Jackson)
JEAN & HARLOW Jean Harlow (1930s actress)
JINX & VESPER Bond Girls (Die Another Day & Casino Royale)

JOAN & JACKIE Joan & Jackie Collins (actress & author) (siblings)
JOYCE & PRISCILLA Joyce DeWitt & Priscilla Barnes (actresses from Three's Company)
JULIE & CHRISTIE Julie Christie, (actress)
KATE & ALLIE TV characters (sit-com Kate & Allie)
KYLIE & DANNII Siblings (Kylie & Danii Minogue)
KYSTAL & ALEXIS TV characters (Dynasty)
LILY & KATE Lily Cole & Kate Moss (British models)
LISA & MAGGIE Lisa & Maggie (sisters from The Simpsons)
LUCY & ETHEL TV characters (I Love Lucy)
LYNN & VANESSA Lynn & Vanessa Redgrave (actresses and sisters)
MARIE & CLAIRE French fashion magazine
MONICA & RACHEL TV characters (Friends)
NANCY & DREW Nancy Drew, (amateur detective, novels by Carolyn Keene)
NORMA & JEAN Norma Jean (real name of Marilyn Monroe)
OPRAH & ELLEN Oprah Winfrey & Ellen DeGeneres (talk show hosts)
PAMELA & SUE ELLEN TV characters (Dallas)
PARIS & NICKY Socialite siblings (Paris & Nicky Hilton)
PATSY & LORETTA Country music greats Patsy Kline & Loretta Lynn
PEG & MARCY Characters from the sit-com Married with Children
PENELOPE & MONICA Penelope & Monica Cruz (actresses and sisters)

PEPSI & COLA Cool drinks
PHOEBE & URSULA TV characters (Friends)
PIPER & PAIGE Characters from the TV series Charmed
RHODIA & PHYLLIS Two comedy series (both spin-offs of The Mary Tyler Moore Show)
ROMY & MICHELLE Characters from the movie Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion
ROSANNA & PATRICIA Rosanna & Patricia Arquette (actresses & siblings)
ROZ & DAPHNE Characters from the TV series Frasier
RUBY & TUESDAY Ruby Tuesday (song by The Beatles)
SABRINA & WENDY Fictional witches
SERENA & VENUS Serena & Venus Williams (tennis players and sisters)
SOPHIA & DOROTHY Mother & daughter characters (comedy series The Golden Girls)
STEFFI & MARTINA Steffi Graff & Martina Navratilova (tennis greats)
TATIANA & SOLITAIRE Bond Girls (From Russia with Love & Live and Let Die)
THELMA & LOUISE Movie characters
TYRA & AMBER Tyra Banks & Amber Valletta (American models)
VICKY & CRISTINA Vicky Cristina Barcelona (movie by Woody Allen)
VICTORIA & ELIZABETH British queens, Victoria & Elizabeth
YVETTE & MARIA TV characters (British comedy Allo Allo)

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