Female German Dog Names

Female German Dog Names

"A great collection of German Female Dog Names."

A Pomeranian named Uschi, a Dachshund named Claudia, or a Rottie named Hannelore?

Whether you want to name your dog for its breed origin or celebrate your history, this page lists some famous German names that would work really well for your German dog.

Need a few examples to get you going? How about?;

BETTINA: After Bettina von Arnim, writer and novelist.

MARTINA: After Martina Gedeck, actress


STEFFI: After tennis great, Steffi Graf.

And there are lots more where those came from, so just browse the list and pick your favorites. It's that easy.

ANGELIKA Angelika Beer, politician
ASTRID Astrid Kircherr, photographer
BETTINA Bettina von Arnim, writer and novelist
CHRISTA Christa Wolf, novelist and essayist
CLARA Clara Schumann, composer
CLAUDIA Claudia Schiffer, supermodel
DIETRICH Marlene Dietrich, actress
DORO Doro Pesch, rock singer
DORRIE Doris Dorrie, film director
ELKE Elke Sommer, actress
ELLY Elly Beinhorn, aviatrix
ELSA Elsa von Freytach-Loringhoven, artist, poet
EVA Eva Habermann, actress
FRANKA Franka Potente, actress
FRANZISKA Franziska van Almsick, swimmer
GITTA Gitta Connemann, politician
GRETA Greta Schroder, actress
GRETCHEN Character from Goethe's Faust
GUNDA Gunda Niemann-Stirnemann, speed skater
HANNAH Hannah Arendt, political theorist

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Dog Names

HANNELORE Hannelore Schmatz, mountaineer
HEIDI Heidi Klum, supermodel
HEIKE Heike Drechsler, athlete
HELGA Helga Konigsdorf, mathematician
HILDEGARD Hildegard Behrens, opera singer
ILSE Legendary German princess
INGA Inga Abel, actress
JANA Jana Pallaske, singer
JUTTA Jutta Kleinschmidt, rally driver
KAETHE Kaethe Kollwitz, artist
KATARINA Katarina Witt, figure skater
KATI Kati Wilhelm, biathlete
KATJA Katja Seizinger, alpine ski champion
KIRSTI Kirsti Sparboe, singer
LENI Leni Riefenstahl, female film director
LEONIE Leonie Schaller, saxophonist
LIESEL Liesel Westermann, athlete
LINA Lina Radke, athlete
LOTTE Lotte Reiniger, filmaker
MARTINA Martina Gedeck, actress
NADJA Nadja Uhl, actress

NATASCHA Natascha Borger, model
NENA Pop singer
PETRA Petra Muller, athlete
RENATE Renate Stecher, athlete
ROMY Romy Schneider, actress
ROSA Rosa Luxemburg, polititian
ROSI Rosi Mittermaier, alpine ski champion
SABRINA Sabrina Terrance, model
SIGRUN Sigrun Wodars, athlete
SONYA Sonya Kraus, model
SOPHIE Sophie Scholl, WWII German resistance member
STEFFI Steffi Graf, tennis player
SYLKE Sylke Otto, luge olympian
ULLA Ulla Schmidt, politician
ULRIKE Ulrike Meyfarth, high jumper
URSULA Ursula Disl, biathlete
USCHI Uschi Obermaier, model
UTA Uta Pippig, athlete
XENIA Xenia Seeberg, actress and model

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