Dutch Dog Names

Dutch Dog Names

"A collection of great Dutch Dog Names."

Whether you want to name your dog for its breed origin or celebrate your Dutch ancestry, this page lists many famous Dutch names.

From artists to athletes to actors, you'll find names on this list that will are perfect for your Kooikerhondje, your Keeshond or any Dutch breed.

Pick your favorite from the list. Its that simple. Oh, and make sure "you know who" adds his paw of approval.

Here a a few names to get you going.

CHRISTINA Princess Christina of the Netherlands, sister of Queen Beatrix

MARCO Marco Van Baston, one of the Netherlands greatest soccer players

or how about?

ROON Marc van Roon, jazz pianist

AMSTEL Jan van Amstel, painter
ANNELIESE Anneliese van der Pol, actress
BABEL Ryan Babel, soccer player
BART Bart Berman, pianist
BEATRIX Current queen regent of the Netherlands
BERGKAMP Denis Bergkamp. Soccer player
BLOEM J.C Bloem, poet
CHRISTINA Princess Christina, sister of Queen Beatrix
DANIELLA Daniella van Grass, model
DEKKER Erik Dekker, Olympic cycling champion
DIRK Dirk Kuyt, soccer player
DUTCH Language spoken in The Netherlands
EDWIN Edwin van de Sar, soccer player
ELLY Elly Ameling, classical singer
FAMKE Famke Janssen, actress
FLORIS Floris Arntzenius, painter
FRISO Prince Friso, second son of Queen Beatrix
GERRIT Gerrit Rietveld, architect and furniture designer
HAARLEM Cornelis van Haarlem, painter
HOLLAND North & South Holland, regions of The Netherlands

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Dog Names

HOOCH Pieter de Hooch, painter
JAAP Jaap van Zweden, violinist
JACCO Jacco Eltingh, tennis player
JAN Jan van Riebeeck, explorer
JEROEN Jeroen Krabble, actor and director
JIMMY FLOYD Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, soccer player
JOHANNA Johanna ter Steege, actress
JOHANNES Johannes Vermeer, painter
JULIANA Queen regent of the Netherlands
LARA Lara Stone, model
MARCO Marco van Basten, soccer player
MARGRIET Margriet Elen, composer
MARTEN Marten Toonder, created comic series "Tom Puss"
MONIQUE Monique van de Ven, actress
NISTELROOY Ruud van Nistelrooy, soccer player
PERSIE Robin van Persie, soccer player
PIET Piet Mondrian, painter
REM Rem Koolhaas, architect
REMBRANDT Rembrandt van Rijn, painter
RENEE Renee Soutendijk, actress

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Dog Names

ROBBEN Arjen Robben, soccer player
ROEL Roel van Velzen, singer
ROON Marc van Roon, jazz pianist
RUTGER Rutger Hauer, actor
RUUD Ruud Gullit, soccer player and coach
THEO Theo Bruins, composer
VAN GOGH Vincent van Gogh, painter
VAN HALEN Eddie Van Halen, guitarist
WILHELMINA Queen regent of the Netherlands
WILLEM Names of three Dutch kings

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