Dogs Names...President's Dogs

President's Dogs Names

"The First Dog ... from Washington to Obama."

On this page we feature the names of every 'First Dog' from George Washington's Black and Tan Coonhound 'Tipsy', to Barack Obama's Portuguese Water Dog, 'Bo'.

We've picked out a few to get you started:

RANGER: Springer Spaniel - George H.W. Bush

STREAKER: Mixed Breed - John F. Kennedy

BIG BEN: Fox Terrier - Herbert Hoover

DOT: Cocker Spaniel - Rutherford B. Hayes

Just browse the list and choose your favorite dog (or your favorite President!)

Name Breed President
BO Portuguese Water Dog Barack Obama
SPOT FETCHER English Springer Spaniel George W. Bush
BARNEY Scottish Terrier George W. Bush
MISS BEAZLEY Scottish Terrier George W. Bush
BUDDY Labrador Retriever Bill Clinton
MILLIE Springer Spaniel George H.W. Bush
RANGER Springer Spaniel George H.W. Bush
LUCKY Bouvier des Flandres Ronald Reagan
REX Cavalier King Charles Ronald Reagan
VICTORY Golden Retriever Ronald Reagan
PEGGY Irish Setter Ronald Reagan
TACA Siberian Husky Ronald Reagan
FUZZY Belgian Sheepdog Ronald Reagan
GRITS Border Collie Jimmy Carter
LEWIS BROWN Afghan Hound Jimmy Carter
LIBERTY Golden Retriever Gerald Ford
MISTY Golden Retriever Gerald Ford
VICKY Poodle Richard Nixon
PASHA Terrier Richard Nixon
KING TIMAHOE Irish Setter Richard Nixon
CHECKERS Cocker Spaniel Richard Nixon
HIM Beagle Lyndon B. Johnson
HER Beagle Lyndon B. Johnson
EDGAR Beagle Lyndon B. Johnson
BLANCO White Collie Lyndon B. Johnson
FECKLES Beagle Lyndon B. Johnson
YURI Mongrel Lyndon B. Johnson
GAULLIE Poodle John F. Kennedy
CHARLIE Welsh Terrier John F. Kennedy
PUSHINKA Mutt John F. Kennedy
SHANNON Irish Cocker Spaniel John F. Kennedy
WOLF Wolfhound/ Schnauzer John F. Kennedy
CLIPPER German Shepherd John F. Kennedy
BUTTERFLY Mix John F. Kennedy
WHITE TIPS Mix John F. Kennedy
BLACKIE Mix John F. Kennedy
STREAKER Mix John F. Kennedy

Click the image below for even more great Puppy Names...

Dog Names
Name Breed President
HEIDI Weimaraner Dwight Eisenhower
FALA Scottish Terrier Franklin D. Roosevelt
MAJORA German Shepherd Franklin D. Roosevelt
MEGGIE Scottish Terrier Franklin D. Roosevelt
WINKS Llewellyn Setter Franklin D. Roosevelt
TINY Old English Sheepdog Franklin D. Roosevelt
PRESIDENT Great Dane Franklin D. Roosevelt
BLAZE Mastiff Franklin D. Roosevelt
KING TUT Belgian Shepherd Herbert Hoover
PAT German Shepherd Herbert Hoover
BIG BEN Fox Terrier Herbert Hoover
SONNIE Fox Terrier Herbert Hoover
GLEN Scotch Collie Herbert Hoover
YUKONAN Eskimo dog Herbert Hoover
PATRICK Irish Wolfhound Herbert Hoover
WEEJIE Norwegian Elkhound Herbert Hoover
ROB ROY White Collie Calvin Coolidge
PRUDENCE PRIM White Collie Calvin Coolidge
PETER PAN Terrier Calvin Coolidge
PAUL PRY Airedale Terrier Calvin Coolidge
CALAMITY JANE Shetland Sheepdog Calvin Coolidge
TINY TIM Chow Chow Calvin Coolidge
BLACKBERRY Chow Chow Calvin Coolidge
RUBY ROUGH Collie Calvin Coolidge
BOSTON BEANS Bulldog Calvin Coolidge
KING COLE German Shepherd Calvin Coolidge
PALO ALTO Bird dog Calvin Coolidge
BESSIE Collie Calvin Coolidge
LADDIE BOY Airedale Terrier Warren G. Harding
OLD BOY Bulldog Warren G. Harding
DAVIE Airedale Terrier Woodrow Wilson
MOUNTAIN BOY Greyhound Woodrow Wilson
BRUCE Bull Terrier Woodrow Wilson
CARUSO Unknown William H. Taft

More Presidents Dogs names...
Name Breed President
PETE Bull Terrier Theodore Roosevelt
SKIP Terrier Theodore Roosevelt
JACK Terrier Theodore Roosevelt
PETER PAN Manchester Terrier Theodore Roosevelt
BLACKJACK Manchester Terrier Theodore Roosevelt
MANCHU Perkingese Theodore Roosevelt
ROLLO Saint Bernard Theodore Roosevelt
SAILOR BOY Chesapeake Bay Retriever Theodore Roosevelt
GEM Unknown Theodore Roosevelt
SUSAN Unknown Theodore Roosevelt
DASH Collie Benjamin Harrison
VETO Unknown James A. Garfield
DOT Cocker Spaniel Rutherford B. Hayes
HECTOR Newfoundland Rutherford B. Hayes
DUKE English Mastiff Rutherford B. Hayes
GRIM Greyhound Rutherford B. Hayes
JUNO Hunting Dog Rutherford B. Hayes
SHEP Hunting Dog Rutherford B. Hayes
JET Unknown Rutherford B. Hayes
FAITHFUL Newfoundland Ulysses S. Grant
ROSIE Unknown Ulysses S. Grant
FIDO Mix Abraham Lincoln
JIP Mix Abraham Lincoln
LARA Newfoundland James Buchanan
PUNCH Toy Terrier James Buchanan
LE BEAU Italian Greyhound John Tyler
BUZZY Briards Thomas Jefferson
JUNO Unknown John Adams
SATAN Unknown John Adams
SWEET LIPS American Staghound George Washington
SCENTWELL American Staghound George Washington
VULCAN American Staghound George Washington
DRUNKARD Black & Tan Coonhound George Washington
TASTER Black & Tan Coonhound George Washington
TIPLER Black & Tan Coonhound George Washington
TIPSY Black & Tan Coonhound George Washington

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