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So here you are - more of the cutest names for the little girl with bags of character - and attitude to match!

Here's a taste of the list below:

BLING: Slan term for jewelery

IOTA: Greel term meaning, "very little"

POM POM: Cute name for a Pomeranian

How's this for cute:

SUGAR CUBE: One lump or two?

p.s. Want to see just the names, without the detail?

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AUNTIE A dog who loves fussing over you
BABE Sheep herding pig from the movie of the same name
BABYCAKES Pomeranian from the movie "Beethoven's 5th"
BAGGINS Frodo Baggins, hobbit hero of "The Lord of the Rings"
BAMBINO Italian word meaning 'little boy'
BANJO Five-stringed musical instrument
BEBOP BeBop Deluxe, one hit wonder band
BINGO Runaway circus dog in the movie Bingo
BLING Slang term for jewellery
BO PEEP The little shepherd girl in Disney's Toy Story
BONSAI Japanese art of cultivating miniature trees
BOOGIE Type of music
BUGSY Kids gangster spoof Bugsy Malone
BUNNY A small pet rabbit
BUTTERS Cartman's little friend in South Park
CHI CHI RODRIGUEZ Puerto Rican golfer
CHICKPEA Type of bean (garbanzo bean)
CHIPMUNK Small squirrel-like rodent
CHOCKY Slang term for chocolate
CLEMENTINE Muppet character from Sesame Street

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Dog Names

More Cute Female Dog names...

COBWEB Fairy from Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
COCO POP Chocolate flavored breakfast cereal
COSMO fashion magazine Cosmopolitan
COUSCOUS Type of food popular in north Africa
CUPCAKE A small cake
DINKY Golden Retriever from the movie "National Lampoon's Vacation"
DIXIE CHICK All-girl country trio
DOGMATIX Obelix's dog in the Astrerix and Obelix comic series
DOOZY Nickname of the Dussenberg automobile
ECCLES From the Hollies song Jennifer Eccles
ELF Small mythical creatures in German folkelore
FIVEL Heroic mouse from "An American Tail"
FLY Slang word meaning beautiful
FOO Chinese name for a Pekingese
FRODO Frodo Baggins, hobbit hero of "The Lord of the Rings"
GERBIL Small rodents, popular as pets
GIGI Classic movie starring Audrey Hepburn
GOBLIN Mythical creature related to gnomes and elves
GOONIE Kid's action adventure movie, The Goonies
GORKY Famous park in Moscow

GROMITT Brainy dog from the animated series Wallace & Gromitt
GUMBY Character from the animated TV series
HALF-PINT Slang term for a short person
HAMSTER Small rodents, popular as pets
HOBBIT Diminutive race in J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings"
HUGBUG For the pooch who loves to cuddle
IGBY From the movie Igby Goes Down
IMP Mythical mischievous creature related to fairies and demons
IOTA Greek term meaning, "very little"
JACKIE O Nickname of Jackie Kennedy Onassis
JELLO A wobbly dessert
JINGLES Intelligent mouse from the movie The Green Mile
JOJO Character from the Beatles song Get Back
KENZIE Cute name for a little dog
KIKI Kiki Dee, seventies pop star
KOOBIE Cute name for a little dog
LADYBUG A small brightly colored insect
LEGO Children's building block game
LIDCHI Sweet fruit from Japan
LITTLE DOT Comic book character who loves dots (would suit a spotty pup)

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Dog Names

LUCY LIU Diminutive actress
MAGOO Short-sighted cartoon character Mr. Magoo
MARBLES Snoopy's brother in the Peanuts comic strip
MCFLY Character played by Michael J Fox in "Back to the Future"
MIDGE Short for midget?
MIGHTY MOUSE Cartoon superhero mouse
MILK-BONE Brand of dog treat
MINNIE Sweetheart of Mickey Mouse
MISS MOPPET Character from the children's book by Beatrix Potter
MITZI Pet or diminutive name for Mary or Marie
MOBY Singer / songwriter Moby
MONEYPENNY Secretary from the James Bond movies
MOPPET Surname of Little Lulu (Lulu Moppet)
MOXIE Brand of soft drink
NACHO Traditional Mexican snack
NEWT A small amphibious creature
NINTENDO Popular games console
NODDY Hero of the children's books by Enid Blyton
NOODLES Guitarist of rock band, The Offspring
OGGI fashion retailer from Russia

More Cute Female Dog names...

OY Dog-like little creature from Stephen King's "The Dark Tower"
PEEWEE Pee Wee Herman (character created by Paul Reubens)
PEZ Type of candy
PINKY Mouse from the cartoon series "Pinky and the Brain"
PIPPA Diminutive form of Phillipa
PIXEL The smallest item of information in an image
POM POM Cute name for a Pomeranian
POPPINS Mary Poppins from the book and movie
PORGY from the play Porgy & Bess
PUNKY BREWSTER Lead character in the sitcom of the same name
QUEEN BEE Little dog who rules the hive, er house
QUIP A quick, witty remark
ROO The little kangaroo in the Winnie the Pooh stories
ROSEBUD Cute name for your little hippy pup
RUXPIN Hero of the Teddy Ruxpin cartoons and toy range
SHORT STOP Position in baseball
SHORTY Affectionate term for a short person
SKEETER Slang term for a mosquito
SMURF Small blue creatures from the TV series "The Smurfs"
SNICKERS Popular chocolate bar

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Dog Names

SPEEDY Speedy Gonzalez, fastest mouse in all Mexico
SPROG Slang name for a baby
SQUIRREL Small bushy tailed rodent
STARSKY Character from the TV show Starsky & Hutch
SUGAR CUBE One lump or two?
SUZIE Q Seventies rocker Suzie Quartro
TABASCO Dynamite comes in small packages!
TACO BELL Fast food chain
TALLULAH Singer in the kid's gangster spoof Bugsy Malone
TAZ Tasmanian Devil in Looney Tunes
TEALEAF Another cute name for a little dog
TEENIE Slang term meaning small
TIDDLYWINKS Children's board game
TIPPI Actress Tippi Hedren
TOOTSIE Title character from the movie Tootsie
TULIP Tulip O'Hare, character in the comic book Preacher
TWIGGY Sixties supermodel
WEEJIE Elkhound of President Herbert Hoover
WINGNUT For a little dog with large ears - a Chihuahua perhaps
WOODSTOCK Little bird who is Snoopy's best friend in Peanuts

YO-YO Would suit a dog who's always bouncing up and down
ZICO Brazilian soccer player
ZILCH Slang term meaning "nothing"
ZSA-ZSA Actress and socialite Zsa-Zsa Gabor

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