Chinese Dog Names

Chinese Dog Names

"An excellent collection of Chinese Names"

Our list of Chinese names isn't the biggest on the web, but we like it that way.

You see, we apply two criteria when selecting foreign (i.e. non-English) names for our site - the name must be pronounceable, and its meaning must be appropriate.

We have names like:

JAI LI: "Good and beautiful"

LIN: "Fine jade"

SHEN: "Triumph"

ZHIN: "Treasure"

So choose with confidence from the list of Chinese dog names below. We think it contains some pretty good names for dogs.

CHAN-JUAN F "graceful"
CHENG M "accomplished"
CHENG-GONG M "succeed" / "success"
CHING LAN F "beautiful orchid"
CHUN F "spring"
CONG M/F "intelligent"
DAO-MING F "shining path"
DESHI M "virtuous man"
FAI M "growth"
FEN F "fragrant"
FENG M/F "wind" / "custom"
FU M "wealthy and fortunate"
HONG F "red"
HSUI MEI F "sophisticated"
HUANG M "wealthy"
HUANG FU M "fortunate"
JAI LI F "good and beautiful"
JI M "continuity" / "order"
JIA M/F "outstanding person"

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Dog Names

JIAO F "beautiful" / "lovable"
JIAO-LONG M "looks like a dragon"
JIE M "prominent and sucessful"
JIN M/F "Gold"
JING M/F "crystal"
JING-SHENG M "born in the city"
JU-LONG M "powerful"
JUN M/F "truthful"
JUNG M/F "honoured"
KANG M "well being" / "health"
KEW F "beautiful" / "lovable"
KONG M "empty" / "hollow"
LAN F "orchid"
LEI F "flower bud"
LI M "strong"
LIANG F "good" / "excellent"
LIEN F "lotus"
LI-LIANG M "excellent strength"
LIN F "fine jade" / "forest"
LIN LIN F "beauty"

LING F "delicate"
MAI F "ocean or elegance"
MEI F "the youngest"
MEI-HUA F "beautiful flower"
MEI-LIEN F "beautiful lotus"
MEI-XING F "beautiful star"
MEI-ZHEN F "beautiful pearl"
MI F "honey"
MIN F "quick " / "sensitive"
MING F "shining"
MO LI F "jasmine"
PENG M "mythical bird"
PIAO M "handsome"
PING M/F "fair"
QING M/F "clarity"
QUON M "shining" / "bright"
SHEN M "spirit"
SHENG M "triumph" / "victory"
SHENG LI M "successful"
SHING M "triumph" / "victory"

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Dog Names

SONG M/F "praise"
TAI F "big"
XIAO-PING M "small peace"
XIAO-XING F "morning star"
XIN M/F "new"
XING M "prosperous"
XING-FU M "joyful" / "happiness"
XIULAN F "elegant orchid"
XUN M "quick" / "fast" / "swift"
YAO NIANG F "beautiful maiden"
YIN F "silver"
YING M/F "eagle" / "jade" / "victory"
YUAN M "round" / "circular"
YUN F "melody"
ZAN F "support" / "favor"
ZHI F "nature"
ZHIN F "treasure"
ZHONG M "second brother"
ZHUANG M "strong" / "robust"
ZONGXIAN M "wisdom of the ancients"

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