Charles Dickens Dog Names

Charles Dickens Dog Names

"Add a twist to naming your dog."

Charles Dickens was one of the world's greatest authors with a knack for coming up with some really memorable names for his characters. Who'll ever forget Oliver Twist, Ebenezer Scrooge or Uriah Heep?

Our list includes names like:

BUZFUZ:Serjeant Buzfuz, a barrister (The Pickwick papers)

LIZZIE:Lizzie Hexman (Our Mutual Friend)

NIPPER:The maid, Susan Nipper (Dombey and Son)

TARTAR:Retired navy man (The Mystery of Edwin Drood)

Mr Dickens was also a renowned dog lover who once kept eight of his own, so I'm sure he'd have no problem with us using his character names for our dogs. In fact, I'm sure he'd be delighted.

ABEL Abel Garland (The Old Curiosity Shop)
ADA Ada Clare (Bleak House)
ADAMS Student (David Copperfield)
ARABELLA Arabella Allen (The Pickwick Papers)
BAGSTOCK Major Joseph Bagstock, (Dombey and Son)
BAMBER Jack Bamber, (The Pickwick Papers)
BARKIS Marries Clara Peggotty (David Copperfield)
BARLEY Old Bill Barley, retired ship's purser (Great Expectations)
BARNABY Good hearted boy (Rudge Barnaby)
BATES Charles Bates, part of Fagin's gang (Oliver Twist)
BAZZARD A clerk (The Mystery of Edwin Drood)
BELLE Former fiance of Scrooge (A Christmas Carol)
BIDDY Great Expectations
BLACKPOOL Stephen Blackpool (Hard Times)
BROWDIE John Browdie (Nicholas Nickleby)
BULLS-EYE Bill Sikes' dog (Oliver Twist)
BUMBLE Operates the workhouse (Oliver Twist)
BUZFUZ Serjeant Buzfuz, a barrister (The Pickwick papers)
CADDY Caroline "Caddy" Jellyby (Bleak House)
CHARITY Charity Pecksniff (Martin Chuzzlewit)

CLARA Clara Barley (Great Expectations)
COPPERFIELD Narrator (David Copperfield)
DEPUTY A small boy (The Mystery of Edwin Drood)
DIVER Colonel Diver (Martin Chuzzlewit)
DODGER Jack "Artful Dodger" Dawkins, pickpocket (Oliver Twist)
DODSON A sharp lawyer (The Pickwick Papers)
DUFF A Bow Street Runner (Oliver Twist)
EMILY Niece of Mr. Peggotty (David Copperfield)
FAGIN Leader of the picket pocket gang (Oliver Twist)
FAN Scrooge's sister (A Christmas Carol)
FOGG A sharp lawyer (The Pickwick Papers)
GARLAND Abel Garland, apprentice to Mr. Witherden (The Old Curiosity Shop)
GRANGER Edith Granger (Dombey and Son)
HARMON John Harmon (Our Mutual Friend)
HUGH Sir John Chester's son (Barnaby Rudge)
HUTLEY Jem Hutley (The Pickwick Papers)
JASPER John Jasper (The Mystery of Edwin Drood)
LIZZIE Lizzie Hexman (Our Mutual Friend)
LORRY Jarvis Lorry (A Tale of Two Cities)

MARION Marion Jeddler (The Battle of Life)
MAYLIE Harry Maylie (Oliver Twist)
MERCY Mercy Pecksniff (Martin Chuzzlewit)
MONKS Leeford Edward aka Monks (Oliver Twist)
MULBERRY Sir Mulberry Hawk (Nicholas Nickleby)
NELL Nell Trent (The Old Curiosity Shop)
NEMO Captain James Hawdon, aka Nemo (Bleak House)
NICKLEBY Nicholas Nickleby
NIPPER The maid, Susan Nipper (Dombey and Son)
NORRIS The Norris family (Martin Chuzzlewit)
NUBBLES Kit Nubbles, shop boy (The Old Curiosity Shop)
OLIVER Orphan boy, (Oliver Twist)
PAWKINS Major Pawkins (Martin Chuzzlewit)
PIP Philip "Pip" Pirrip (Great Expectations)
TARTAR Retired navy man (The Mystery of Edwin Drood)
TIFFEY Mr. Tiffey, old clerk with a wig (David Copperfield)
TIGG Montigue Tigg (Martin Chuzzlewit)
TINY TIM Tiny Tim Cratchit (A Christmas Carol)
TROTTER Job Trotter, a servant (The Pickwick Papers)
TWIST Orphan boy (Oliver Twist)
URIAH HEEP Mr Wickfield's hypocritical clerk (David Copperfield)

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