Buffy Dog Names

Buffy Dog Names

"A butt-kicking list of names."

Buffy and her Slayer friends kick some serious vampire butt and have some excellent names to boot.

We've selected a few to get you started.

How about:

BOONE: Demon

CASSIE:Cassie Newton, young girl who Buffy tries to save

DAWN: Dawn Summers, Buffy's sister

JUDGE: Demon ally oe Angelus and Drusilla

ROOKIE: Vampire, member of Sunday's gang

Continue with the list below were you'll find slayers, vampires, demons, werewolves, as well as mere mortals.

ADAM Part-cyborg, part-demon, part-human creation of The Initiative
ANGEL Powerful vampire and Buffy's love interest
ANYA Anya Christina Emanuella Jenkins, vengeance demon
BEN Young doctor possesed by the demon Glory
BUFFY Buffy Ann Summers, vampire slayer
CALEB Preacher who served as a vessel for the "First Evil"
CASSIE Cassie Newton, young girl who Buffy tries to save
CHLOE Potential Slayer
CLEM Relatively benign demon
CONNOR Son of Angel and Darla
CORDELIA Cordelia Chase, cheerleader and reluctant ally of the Scooby Gang
DALTON Scholarly, bespectacled vampire
DARLA Vampire born in 16th century Britain
DAWN Dawn Summers, Buffy's sister
DEVON Devon McLeish, lead singer of the band Dingoes Ate My Baby
DOC Reptilian demon with vast knowledge of the dark arts
DRUSILLA Vampire with clairvoyant and hypnotic powers

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Dog Names

more Buffy Dog names...

ETHAN Ethan Rayne, magician with great knowledge of demonology
FAITH Faith Lehane, a Slayer who fights with and against Buffy
FORREST Forrest Gates, member of the Initiative
GILES Rupert Giles, member of the Watchers Council
GLORY An evil hellgod who has been exiled from her dimension
HANK Hank Summers, Buffy's father
HARMONY Harmony Kendal, a humorously inept vampire
INDIA India Cohen, Slayer
JESSE Jesse McNally, friend of Xander Harris
JINX Demon affiliated to Glory
JUDGE Demon ally oe Angelus and Drusilla
KATRINA Katrina Silber, one-time girlfriend of Warren Mears
KENDRA Kendra Young, Slayer with prophetic powers
KENNEDY Potential Slayer, love interest of Willow
LEAH Slayer, member of Buffy's squad
LUCY Lucy Hanovera deceased Slayer who is mentioned in the History of the Slayer
LUKE Vampire and powerful member of Order of Aurelius
LYDIA Watcher who tests Buffy abilities
MAGGIE Maggie Walsh, Buffy's psychology professor and the leader of The Initiative
MELAKA Melaka Fray, Slayer

more Buffy Dog names...

MERRICK Watcher who trains Buffy
MOLLY Potential Slayer
MR. TRICK Vampire of African-American origin
MURK A demon and follower of Glory
NIKKI Nikki Wood, a Slayer who was active in New York City in the 1970s
NINA Nina Ash, werewolf
OLAF Olaf the Troll
OLIVIA Old friend and romantic interest of Giles
OZ Daniel "Oz" Osbourne, werewolf member of Buffy's inner circle
PERCY Percy West, a student at Sunnydale High
PIKE A friend and love interest of Buffy
QUENTIN Quentin Travers, member of the Watchers' Council
RACK Warlock
RILEY Riley Finn, operative for "The Initiative".
RONA Potential Slayer
ROOKIE Vampire, member of Sunday's gang
ROWENA Slayer, member of Buffy's squad
SANDY Vampire
SATSU Japanese Slayer, member of Buffy's squad
SHANNON Potential Slayer

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SID Demon hunter imprisoned in the body of a ventriloquist's dummy
SIMONE Simone Doffler, Slayer
SNYDER Authoritarian principal of Sunnydale High.
SPIKE William "the Bloody" Spike, vampire
SUNDAY Vampire
TARA Tara Maclay, Wiccan
VI Slayer who leads the New York Slayer squadron
WHISTLER A demon who helps Buffy
WILLOW Willow Rosenberg, a powerful Wiccan
XANDER Alexander"Xander" LaVelle Harris

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