Brown Dog Names

Brown Dog Names

"An excellent list of witty and original names."

Think chocolate and coffee and freshly baked brownies. Think autumn leaves and freshly turned earth and beautiful bay horses.

We selected a few to get you started:

BOUNTY: Chocolate bar

FUDGE: Candy made with sugar, butter and milk

There's also:

RITTER: German chocolate manufacturer

WHISKEY: Spirit originally from Scotland

An great collection of names to suit your gorgeous brown dog. Enjoy!

ALMONDINE Sawtelle dog from The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
AMARETTO Almond flavored liqueur
AUTUMN Season when the leaves turn brown
AUBURN Reddish brown hair color
BAILEY Irish whiskey and cream liqueur
BERRY As in 'brown as a berry'
BISTO Brand of gravy powder
BOUNTY Chocolate bar
BRANDY Brown spirit originally from France
BRODIE Scottish surname from Gaellic meaning 'muddy place'
BRONSON From the old English Bron, meaning brown
BROWNIE Chocolate cookie, girl guide, or elf
BROWNING Make of machine-gun
BRUIN Another name for the brown bear
BRUNETTE Dark brown hair color
BRUNO Name derived from German, meaning brown
CADBURY British chocolate manufacturer
CAPPUCCINO Coffee with steamed foam
CARAMEL Type of candy

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Dog Names

CARAMELLO Caramel candy bar
CHARLIE Character from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
CHARLIE BROWN Main character from the Peanuts cartoon strip
CHOCKY Slang for chocolate
CHOCOLATE Everyone's favorite candy
CHOCOLAT Oscar nominated movie (French for chocolate)
CHOKITO Chocolate and caramel bar
CINNAMON A spice normally for sweet dishes
COCO Monkey mascot of Kellog's Coco Pops
COCO POP Chocolate flavoured breakfast cereal
COCOA Hot chocolate beverage
COFFEE Brewed hot beverage
COFFEY John Coffey, a character from The Green Mile
COGNAC Variety of brandy produced in Cognac, France
COPPER A hound in the novel The Fox & the Hound
DONOVAN Irish name meaning dark brown
EARTHA Name meaning 'of the earth'
FAWN A young deer
FUDGE Candy made with sugar, butter and milk
GRAVY Brown sauce for pouring over food

more Brown Dog names...

HAZEL Refers to brown eye color
HAZELDINE Alternative country band
HENNESSEY Famous brand of cognac
HERSHEY US Chocolate manufacturer
JAMES BROWN American R & B / Soul great
KAHLUA Coffee flavored liqueur
LEROY BROWN Character from the song Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
MILO Chocolate flavoured milk drink
MOCHA Coffee with chocolate
MOCCACHINO Cappuccino with chocolate
MR. BROWN Character from the movie Reservoir Dogs
MR GOODBAR Chocolate bar made by Hershey
MUDDY For a dog who loves rolling in the mud
MUFFIN Small type of cupcake
MURPHY BROWN Title character of the TV show Murphy Brown
NESTLE Swiss chocolate manufacturer
NUTMEG Spice used for both sweet and savory dishes
OREO Chocolate cookie with vanilla filling
REESE Popular US chocolate brand
RITTER German chocolate manufacturer

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Dog Names

ROLO Chocolate and caramel candy
SNICKERS Chocolate bar made by Mars
STARBUCKS Famous chain of coffee shops
SUNDAE Chocolate of course!
TAFFY Type of chewy candy
TOBLER Short for Toblerone
TOFFEE Chewy type of candy
TWIX Chocolate and caramel bar
WHISKEY Spirit originally from Scotland
YOOHOO Chocolate flavoured milk beverage

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